Monthly Bundle $999

What is included:

  • Create a company avatar to add a new level of promotion to this year’s marketing.
  • Create as many additional avatars as you like to promote your services or products.
  • Depending on your goals, we assign you a marketing specialist to start discussions and engage with avatars across the globe.
  • Bundle deal includes 1 hour per day, recorded for verification by you, (Price based on 10 hours per month).
  • Create custom room to host promotions or presentations, or enter other meeting areas to meet with new potential customers.

Promote your company

If you have been looking for a completely new way to promote your products or services, you’re in the right place. Virtual promotions offer the most cutting-edge form of corporate marketing and engagement.

Build your marketing avatar

Creating your corporate avatar is the first step in virtual promotions. Right now there are people from across the globe interacting and in the virtual marketplace, meeting new clients and promoting their brand.

FuseLab can help you make use of your new avatar with virtual staff support.

You choose to total hours and frequency you’d like to engage online, and we supply an expert virtual marketing team member to find potential customers for you.


Find your customized clients to promote your services

With themed rooms and subject-specific discussion areas, finding your target market just got a lot easier.