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The Fuselab design for Dental Implant Practices required everything our UI/UX design team has learned from designing complex EHRs and several other Healthcare applications in our portfolio.

Project goal

Design a digital application for the management and daily needs of the most modern Dental implant practices on earth.

A UX design meant to create improved efficiency and time saving for dental services.

Although this product was for dental implant doctors, it included all the customary functional requirements, such as appointment scheduling, accounting, practice dashboards, data and file sharing, and the list goes on. However, the 3-D informational graphics and referral portal make this app a stand alone in the market.


UI/UX Design, Data Visualization, Animation, Art Direction, Style Guide, Prototyping, Dashboard Design.


Project completed in 2022






36 weeks

Problem Statement


Novadontics had a thriving practice but need a custom digital management system that could keep up with their growing patient population.

UI/UX platform design for the medical community is completely centered around creating a user experience that can be integrated into a providers work flow with little to know disruption. The design approach also needs to be as intuitive as possible to eliminate the need for extensive training. Providers don’t have enough time in their daily schedules to take on new tasks, so our goal was to make it immediately obvious that this tool would be a source of time savings versus time draining.

UI/UX Design Strategy


UI/UX design for this project included an exceptional amount of UX research. Understanding and specifying the enormous totality of use cases was just the beginning in the development of this multi-functional digital tool.

Although medical providers don’t like to talk about it, getting new patients is crucial to a thriving practice. Equally important, is the ability to schedule and organize patient visits and the ordering of supplies. We created a very simple, yet highly-effective user experience by focusing on the daily needs of each type of employee at practice.



Most providers and admin staff saved an average of 30 minutes per day after switching over.

The improved design allows for several levels of automation and tracking of supplies and patient appointments with almost no manual inputs. At the end of the day, this new digital platform saves providers money and time, allowing them to be more profitable and spend more time providing care for their patients.


Order inventory management and comparison module.

  1. Order item
  2. Order description


Day-to-day spending and running totals.

  1. Monthly
  2. Daily


Patient acquisition management.

  1. New patients
  2. Long-term patients

CE Credits

Continuing education course completions and credits.

  1. Course description
  2. Credits and licenses
1 / 7

Through sophisticated color coding, 3-D visuals, dental defects with easy-select categories, chart types, and digital pen options, our chart UI/UX design provides dental professionals everything they need to focus on patient care instead of technical issues.

Problem Overview

2 / 7

Patient appointment scheduler is the pulmonary artery of any medical practice. Which is why the UX design we created included literally anything and everything a provider might need to run a smooth operation.

Patient appointment

3 / 7

Reading charts can be a time suck. With the chart flow and design we created users can easily scan the most important data first, filter by issue or specific tooth and receive or enter critical information fast and effortlessly.

Tooth Overview


Top-level and most critical patient information layer.

  1. Issues
  2. Alergies

Periodontal Probing

Gum health and standard 6 measurements are provided for each tooth.

  1. Gum health
  2. Measurements


All information graphics are clickable and have room for additional information and notes.

  1. Clickable visuals
  2. Detailed information

Endo chart

View e-rays and other endo information here.

  1. View internal tooth health
  2. Full mouth and individual tooth views

Charts file states

Appear as a result of uploading a file on a specific page. Documents can be previewed (as result the document opens) or deleted (as result the document will disappear from that page)

4 / 7

Input fields allow users to enter text into a UI. They typically appear in forms and dialogs.

Type of Dental

5 / 7

Patient-facing data and management portal.

Patient Card

Add payment

Providers have 100% control of payments, and can view payment history, create estimates, and view expected insurance contributions.

Complete form

Standard payment options pop-up form, allowing administration staff to take payments over the phone or via the web.

6 / 7

Complete A-Z dental practice product page.

Main Product Page

7 / 7


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