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At FuseLab Creative we are obsessed with creating memorable user experiences.

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    Optimizing User Experience

    • Process of discovery

      Creating a great user experience begins with understanding the user on a level of depth that allows us to anticipate their needs, and build intuitive experiences that respects where they are coming from and their level of familiarity with digital tools and navigation.

    • Vision definition

      Creating a project vision is our attempt at predicting the future and setting ambitious goals that will drive our work, and keep the project team on track as we strategize, build and deliver.

    • Strategy

      In our strategy phase, we take into account the kind of user experience we want to achieve, and spell out specific digital strategies to support and deliver that experience with a focus on intuitive ease-of-use and creating a memorable experience that brings users back over and over.

    • Execution

      Execution comes down to having a concrete plan with milestones, specific deliverable dates and a management and communications plan that creates a fluid exchange of information and an ongoing format for making sure all members of the project team are informed of the status of the project, the challenges ahead, and the next development phase of the project.

    • Testing and Implementation

      Test, test, and re-test. There is really no more important phase to the future success of a project than making sure we have done extreme testing of every single element of the user interface we have developed in order to guarantee an terrific user experience.

    Why User Experience

    Is Important in the Web Design Process

    We remember how we felt when visiting a new website much more than what we read. Creating lasting and engaging experiences online drives every decision we at FuseLab Creative–it was actually the reason we founded this company in the first place.


    It’s one thing to create a great looking website, but it’s a complete waste of time if it’s not easy to use. And what we mean by easy, is it needs to ridiculously easy. Your users are simply not interested in having to spend time figuring out how to navigate your website, and if effort is needed, they will leave immediately.


    Unless you are creating an e-commerce site, it’s not easy to make your site useful to visitors. It gets even harder when the goal of your site is to promote your organization. However, there is one thing that everyone can do to be relevant: create great and engaging content. And as an added bonus, your SEO numbers will skyrocket along with your analytics.


    Accessibility can mean many things, but there are a few rules that don’t change: 1. Make sure your site loads easily without too much fuss, 2. Make sure your site works on any device and all current browsers, 3. And try to remember that not everyone is as tech savvy as those in your office, we still need to make our functionality extremely intuitive and user-friendly.


    We all think that what we have to offer is valuable, but the truth is, this is a moving target and we need to be incredibly diligent in keeping up with user needs and doing whatever we can to create content that is perceived as valuable. Think of new visitors as a kind of job interview, in which they are interviewing you to determine if you are worthy of investing their time.

    Our UX Design Work

    Latest projects

    The user experience work displayed here is only a small smattering of the amount of working coming out of FuseLab Creative every day. We are obsessed with creating UX work that stands out and distinguishes itself with an uncommon level of engagement and ease-of-use. We are always pursuing new nexus points between the sublime and the truly invaluable.

    Full list of Our Creative Services

    We create memorable experiences for our clients that incite action, motivate people to think, and create lasting change.

    UI/UX Design

    UX is the culmination of a long list of skill sets that come together to deliver the overall effectiveness of a digital experience. FuseLab was created to push UX forward and give our clients and their customers memorable user experiences that build loyalty and brand awareness.

    Marketing and Communications

    Effective marketing and communications work has the ability to create a mutually beneficial relationship, something that can be built upon for years to come.

    Graphic Design & Illustration

    The power of great design cannot be overstated when it comes to communicating on the web. In fact, if you ask us, design and copy are both equally important forms of language and need to be treated as such.

    Video Production

    Storytelling will always be an important part of “sticky” messaging, and it’s hard to come up with a better medium for effective messaging than video and video animation.

    Mobile & Web App Development

    One-click calling, clicking for directions or sharing a photo–the list goes on and on, and the expectation is a seamless experience meant to make life easier. Mobile is part of our lifeblood at FuseLab, it’s how we work and live every day.


    Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are both important services that we have recently added to our offering, and are already having a huge impact on how we construct and deliver powerful and memorable user experiences.

    Top UX Firm in DC is always there for our clients to:

    Our tagline simply states that we are “Fueled By Your Dreams.” We know this sounds pretty lofty, but it is exactly how we feel. Nothing inspires us more than the feeling that we have created a user experience that was once considered a dream.

    1. Design:

    – Scribbles
    – Drawings
    – Patterns
    – Textures
    – Forms
    – Layouts
    – Navigation

    2. Create:

    – Pages
    – Visual language
    – Animation
    – Architecture
    – Illustration
    – Branding systems
    – Style guides

    3. Organize:

    – User-flow
    – Navigation
    – Transitions
    – Structure
    – Visual hierarchy
    – Functional simplicity
    – Intuitive


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