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FuseLab Creative is the best UX Design Agency for your next project.

FuseLab Creative is a top UX Design Company based in Washington DC. Through great design and strategic communications, we help companies of different sizes attract new users, and have memorable digital experiences. Our creative digital agency has a long history of identity and brand development work for amazing clients.

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    Our Working Process

    The 5 Steps For Development Success

    • Discovery

      Truly understanding our clients, their needs, and their criteria for success is crucial and is a big part of our discovery. We need to know why you are here, where you come from and where you are headed.

    • Define/Strategize

      The strategy work in this step is about working backward from a set of critical success factors and primary deliverables and coming up with a roadmap and set of strategies and/or tools to meet these requirements.

    • Build

      The handoff from design to build is often the downfall of any web project. We employ a system where our developers are actually included in the design process to eliminate any potential issues early on.

    • Design

      Our design approach is primarily centered around creating a UX that is unforgettable and a UI that requires almost no thought at all.

    • Optimize & Launch

      During this last step of our process several rounds of testing take place to fine-tune the site before launch. However, unlike a lot of web firms, we also offer complete public launch campaigns and strategy to assure our clients get the recognition they deserve.

    Check Out Our UX Design Work

    Below is a small batch of recent projects by our team

    Take a look and let us know what you think. FuseLab staff are always looking for input from others interested in UX design, potential customers, or just people who would like to start a dialogue with us.

    Our Team

    Marc Caposino

    CEO/Marketing Director

    Professional communications and marketing are now synonymous with the world of UX design and digital interactive. After two decades of experience in the world of digital communications, I now feel as comfortable leading an website redesign effort as I do writing scripts for a video animation.

    On a basic level, my entire job is about creating unique ways to build more mutually beneficial relationships between our clients and those they serve.

    George Railean

    Principal/Creative UI/UX

    I am a consummate artist, consultant, hard worker, and trusted resource for the timely production of creative deliverables.

    I offer world-class UI / UX expertise and have produced complete website redesigns for American and European startups, large enterprises, federal and state government organizations, and non-profits.

    Varun Mehta

    Principal/Solutions Architect

    I’ve worked on many projects big and small, with clients ranging from fortune 100 companies to start ups. But one thing has remained consistent and that is my passion for code as a developer and my penchant for eyeing details and solving problems.

    As a developer your most important assets are knowledge and experience and I bring both of these to the table to bridge the gap between technical issues and business needs.

    Benefits of working with us.

    If you are interested in our skill set you can read more on our about us page, but what we feel is really important is what we collectively believe. It’s actually simple, we believe in an experimental world where nothing is inert and every new project is an opportunity to learn, innovate, and have fun with our clients.

    Professional Creative Staff

    My six-year-old is creative, clowns are creative; being creative is the easy part. It’s turning creative talent and ideas into strategic digital experiences that propel our clients forward that is the challenge.

    This is where our team’s collective history in business, digital strategy, advertising, and design come together to create unique work that sets FuseLab apart from the competition.

    On Time Completion

    Michael Jordon said that “talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.” This could not be more true in a business environment fashioned around deadlines and completion dates.

    This is why we like to work hand-in-hand with our clients, building longstanding, personal relationships with our clients that support a sincere team environment where we are all on the same page working toward the same goals.

    Detailed Estimations

    The truth is, we all hate estimates. It’s one big guessing game that we are then stuck with defending for the duration of the project. Estimates often ignore the fact that we don’t really get to the point of understanding a new client until we’ve had a chance to dig into their history, their culture, and their aspirations.

    Knowing this, we try to leave our estimates open for expansion or early delivery. We also try to propose price ranges, when feasible, instead of a fixed price to allow for charging less or more based on our actual experience.


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