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FuseLab Creative is the best UX Design Agency in DC for your next project.

Ranking among the region’s best UX teams is not something we take lightly, nor did it happen by chance. FuseLab Creative staff have been working for some of the area’s most innovative organizations and have been consistently pumping out game changing work and now they are getting recognized for their efforts.

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    FuseLab Creative Design Principles

    It may sound strange, but in order to create the most innovative design possible, FuseLab designers stick to some very specific principles and standards.

    Decision-Making Processes Help

    We realized a long time ago that web development exposes how decisions are made within organizations and often call attention to other internal issues that need to be addressed. We often find ourselves helping companies restructure their businesses as a result of our in-depth customer research and user journey mapping.

    Communicate Our Values

    We are often asked to make sure we are communicating our client’s company values on their site. The interesting thing is that corporate values are not always something that has been clearly established, and through our work, we bring this issue to light and help our client reassess what they actually stand for and how these values should be communicated on their new website.

    Feeling Aligned with a Team’s Values

    By the end of a major website redesign process, we often end up helping our clients not only create and entirely new online presence, we also help them reassemble their values in a way that the entire staff now feels they are apart of and can articulate to everyone they meet. It’s always a surprise to those we work with that this kind of thing happens, but it has become somewhat routine for us, and almost always results in unexpected positive benefits that result in a more finely tuned organization with a spectacularly beautiful and effective web presence.

    Why User Experience?

    It really doesn't matter how good looking your website may be if the experience of using it sucks--you'd be better off putting up a splash page with your contact details.

    We created FuseLab Creative with one goal in mind: build in agency around the central goal of creating better and more engaging user experiences on behalf of all of our clients. This goal holds true today, and we often use it as a touchstone in our decision making process to certify that we are focused on the end effect of what we are building and not on just creating something that looks beautiful to the eye.

    Customer and business needs are connected

    It’s easy to forget sometimes that we too are customers, and that our own experience counts too, the first and most personal UX is our experience with our own service or product.

    The information is presented in a pleasant way

    You may think your content is super interesting and should be able to capture a user’s attention, but the truth is, it often comes down to how it is displayed and if it appears accessible even before any reading goes on. Does it look easily digestible? If not, change it, half or your audience will click right through.

    Visitors have a good experience

    There’s a lot of talk about user experience in the digital space, but it all comes down to two things: Do your visitors have an experience that is positive, and does the experience create a lasting memory for the user. Something can be positive and still not stay with us. This is the difference in creating a something functional and something that is a joy to utilize.

    Understands customers and business goals

    It’s not a common occurrence that a creative agency invests as much time and effort into understanding its client’s business goals and customers first, long before we talk abou UX/UI design. This is why FuseLab Creative is not your normal agency, we are focused on making our client’s Dreams Come True.

    Our UX Design Work

    Latest projects

    This is truly just a small list of some of our recent projects. However, to truly understand what we do and what we stand for, you need to dig deeper into our portfolio section of our website and spend some time reading our take on several of the key issues a creative agency like ours is grappling with in our blog articles.

    Key FuseLab Industries

    Where FuseLab Creative is an expert


    We believe in public transportation, and access to good transportation options. Without transportation communities suffer, families suffer, entire cities suffer. Not everyone works down the street from their home and not every has a access to fresh food within walking distance. This is why we love to work on behalf of transportation agencies and issues.


    Just recently, we have taken on our largest E-commerce project to-date, which includes a unique e-commerce website and point-of-sale system for storefront commerce. This is an area of service that requires a veteran approach to UI and a human-centered approach to UX to be successful.


    Many creative agencies don’t bother pursuing government work because of all the red-tape, however just like all of our other target markets, government work is some of the most important and socially impactful work available, and this is why it inspires us and keeps us looking for more and more opportunities.


    We have worked on behalf of many diverse companies that occupy different footprints within the healthcare industry. Healthcare is one of our target markets, not just because of our experience building software, dashboards, videos, and websites, it’s also because we believe it will always be an important part of society, and if we can play even a tiny role in helping improve healthcare we will always jump at the chance.


    Some of at FuseLab have education backgrounds, and others just believe as we do, that education is the lynchpin around which all other issues in society revolve. We love developing user experiences for students that helps to engage their wandering imaginations, but we also love building online systems to help them choose colleges and majors that will help pave the way to bright futures.

    Pathevo Project

    Intelligent Interface Design

    We use different digital interfaces every single day without realizing it. Whether it’s an atm screen, a shopping mall touchscreen map, or our smart phone interface. This is why our focus on interface design has become such a big part of our offering; we are intrigued at how digital interface design can become more fluid, more human-centered, and make our lives easier and less stressful. What could be better?


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