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FuseLab looks at things a little different. We build web experiences that are 100% focused on the user and the user needs. This approach guarantees a positive user experience and return visitors.

Some call our approach Human-Centered Design, we call it common sense.

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    Your User Experience

    4 Important reasons to improve your user experience:

    We remember an experience and how it made us feel much more than what we actually accomplished or read. And it’s this feeling, positive or negative that governs our reaction to the brand and whether or not we decide to dig deeper, or leave and never return

    Power to Identify and Solve Problems

    We begin every project with one simple question. What is the primary problem we are trying to solve. In this way we are able to stay on track and easily measure success.

    Higher Customer Satisfaction

    Our client’s customers are our customers, and their satisfaction is our satisfaction. We enjoy becoming part of our client’s team, and seeing things through their eyes. It’s not easy, it takes a lot of research and knowledge to create a great UX, but it just so happens, this is our primary passion at FuseLab Creative.

    Improved Relationships With Customers

    If the UI we build provides an effortless experience, then your relationships with your clients can be less about issues they are having, or what they don’t understand, and more about planning the next steps you would like to take together. Creating a great user experience is, without a doubt, the key to developing and improving relationships with customers.

    Better Interaction With Web and Mobile Version of the Website

    There was a time when mobile responsive or adaptive design was optional for our web clients, but this time has passed. Now, many UX design takes into account the mobile experience first, and the desktop second. If recent mobile usage rates are any indication, the need for expert mobile design is only going to grow exponentially in the next few years.

    Why Work With a Local Vendor?

    There are many reasons, but below are a few of the key reasons.

    They Get to Know Your Business

    Letting clients peek inside your company can be a little nerve-racking, but they most likely have opened their doors to us in more ways than one, so we feel it is only right to do the same. Our clients get to know us, often ending up spending a little time talking about our hopes and dreams, which is one of our favorite subjects.

    In-Person Meetings

    Sometimes there is really nothing like meeting face-to-face, and we’re not talking about video chat. The human brain takes in thousands of bits of information just from facial expressions and body language. FuseLab attempts to communicate in person, even with our remote clients, whenever humanly possible–it just feels like the best way to clearly and effectively communicate.

    Personal Approach

    As much as we might like to pretend, our work is very personal. We make personal commitments to our clients and the work we produce is all, in some fashion, an expression of who we are as people and professionals. We put a lot of heartache and strife into our work to consistently prove ourselves and to please those we are servicing. Anyone that says work is just work, and it’s not personal is not being honest with themselves.


    We have project managers, but most of them are also designers, as whenever possible we want to provide our customers with direct access to someone that is doing more than managing deadlines. This gives our project managers a unique perspective that is intimately connected to the quality of work produced, and an unrivaled understanding of every single project detail.


    If you think about it, the word transparency is being thrown around a lot in modern society, yet what companies or agencies can we point to that truly embody this attribute–very few. For FuseLab, transparency is intricately linked to honesty; admitting when mistakes have been made and coming clean immediately in order to expedite the solutions with our clients as a team.

    Previous Design Work for Local Businesses

    We love nothing more than to see past clients thriving, and if they are local, we often have the chance to see these companies in action, which never gets old. Last year we donated 30 hours a month to local non-profit agencies, and in the end we felt that the relationships that were developed and the process of working with these selfless was as beneficial to us as the work we created didfor them.

    Group 6

    Loving this work makes a big difference.

    Of course not everyone loves their job, and all work has its pluses and minuses, but we feel truly fortunate to being doing the kind of work we do.

    • Identity and Brand Development Work

      Our identity development follows some simple rules create something completely different, and in a way people care about. It's not enough to create something beautiful, it also need to include messaging that can communicate an entire mission in just a few words.

    • Print Design

      Sometimes print is irreplaceable when it comes to branding and advertising, regardless of how far we go with digital. This is why we will always support our clients with full print design services.

    • Web Design

      Web design is one of our core deliverables at FuseLab Creative and it will continue to be an area of focus, while we continuously attempt to perfect the art of creative development, and content strategy, and technical development and delivery.

    • UX Design

      Simply put, FuseLab is a UX agency, completely consumed by creating user experiences that move people to dig deeper, to learn, to act, to feel something they hopefully have not felt before. It's a big lift, but one we enjoy, and hope to be surprising people with for years to come.

    • Animations

      To say that explainer videos have caught fire is putting it mildly. We have produced more video animation over the past year than we could have ever dreamed. It is a simple medium with a truly effective impact, and it's something that has become one of our top and most enjoyable services to provide.

    • Graphic Design

      Graphic design is part of everything we create, even our messaging includes colorful and arresting language in order to instill pictures and unique images in the minds of those that read our headlines and creative copywriting. We look at the entire world as a form of design, and we strive to do our part to improve that design every day.

    • Web Development

      Web development is probably the most labor intensive and detailed form of work we provide. There is always a new technology hurdle to get over or a new functional concept our designers are pushing for, but it comes down to our development team to bring our creativity to life and make the dreams of our clients come true.

    • Marketing Services

      Just creating a new site, app, or product is not enough; to be successful companies need to think about how they are going to launch their new site in a way that creates the kind of buzz and interest they want. This is where our marketing team steps in to take every project to the next level.

    Our Work

    Latest Projects

    The work featured here is a small sampling of our recent website development work. Visit our public site to see some of our recent digital animation completed for a identity theft client, our virtual reality work for Doctors Without Borders, and our blog to get to know our perspectives on UX/UI design and what we have been thinking about lately.

    Work in Development

    Below is a sneak peek inside FuseLab and the work that will soon be live on our site.

    The two projects below could not be more different, one is a ecommerce site for the real estate community in Northern Virginia, and the other is a new website for a transportation company in Florida. But what they do have common is that we have thoroughly enjoyed working on behalf of both!


    NVAR needed to create a completely new online store experience for the thousands of realtors coming to them for event registration, classes, materials, and supplies. FuseLab is currently in the final stretch of creating an effortless e-commerce experience that will make online purchases much easier for their members, and stay tuned for a point-of-sales system coming soon.

    DM World

    DM World asked FuseLab Creative to make a website that would better represent a company on the move, literally and figuratively. They have been experiencing enormous growth and wanted to show off a little. As you will see, their new trucks and system are all state of the art, and now they have a website that properly illustrates where they are as a company and where they are headed:


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