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FuseLab Creative is the best UX Design Company for your next project.

FuseLab Creative is a top UX Design Company based in Washington DC. Through great design and strategic communications, we help companies of different sizes attract new users, and have memorable digital experiences. Our DC-based creative agency also provides, branding and marketing support for clients on both coasts.

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    Some of the services FuseLab proudly offers

    At FuseLab Creative

    As a professional UX Design Company, we have been bringing UI/UX design, web and mobile solutions to our clients from different industries such as aerospace, government, education, nonprofit.

    UI/UX Design

    Whether our process begins with persona’s or not, we do whatever we can to walk in the shoes of our clients and their audience.

    Ultimately, our UX/UI design work is about building game-changing websites that produce return visits and brand loyalty.

    Our Mission

    Make it memorable. It’s really that simple for us, if you are creating memorable work that is on-brand and on-message, we’ve done our job for our clients.

    In an internet community of over 1 billion websites, you need to be different in a way that people care about; and not just to be noticed, your site needs to create a positive memory with each new user.

    Creative Design

    Every designer in the world considers themselves a creative of sorts; the difference is finding designers that are able to infuse their work with a client’s strategic goals and still make it beautiful.

    This is where FuseLab designers shine: taking the mundane financial and strategic goals of our clients and infusing them with life!

    Web Development

    At FuseLab we pride ourselves on making the complex simple. Over the years we have been challenged with seemingly unwieldy sites with thousands of pages of content, linked micro-sites, and countless landing pages.

    Drilling down into these cumbersome sites and finding the core messaging and primary needs of individual users is our passion–it’s what truly sets us apart.

    Responsive Design

    Responsive design is almost an assumed deliverable for any modern website, however not everyone needs a responsive website.

    Some clients need more; they may need a custom mobile site, or an adaptive website, and it takes a sophisticated web team to know how to figure this out and deliver exactly what is needed.

    Free Estimation

    Go ahead, we welcome a price comparison. FuseLab Creative is a high-end shop with competitive pricing. We believe in great work for a great price.

    We know that our work can speak for itself and that we will grow as a company based on the quality of our work and not by over-charging our clients.


    How does change happen?

    Start with a top Creative Agency like FuseLab Creative; mix in some experts in UI/UX, Integrate Marketing, and App Development, and anything is possible! At the heart of every project is a dream to be better, this is where we start: fueled by your dreams.

    Our Working Process

    5 Important Steps

    • Discovery

      Truly understanding our clients, their needs, and their criteria for success is crucial and is a big part of our discovery. We need to know why you are here, where you come from and where you are headed.

    • Define/Strategize

      The strategy work in this step is about working backward from a set of critical success factors and primary deliverables and coming up with a roadmap and set of strategies and/or tools to meet these requirements.

    • Build

      The handoff from design to build is often the downfall of any web project. We employ a system where our developers are actually included in the design process to eliminate any potential issues early on.

    • Design

      Our design approach is primarily centered around creating a UX that is unforgettable and a UI that requires almost no thought at all.

    • Optimize & Launch

      During this last step of our process several rounds of testing take place to fine-tune the site before launch. However, unlike a lot of web firms we also offer complete public launch campaigns and strategy to assure our clients get the recognition they deserve.


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