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FuseLab Creative is the best UX Design Firm for your next project.

UX design is a core business principle at FuseLab Creative. We believe that with a focus on UX at every step in our development process, we are also focusing on business development, for us and our clients. Customer expectations are growing at an exponential rate, as companies known for simplicity in their UX lead the way.

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    Something About Us

    We believe in the dreamer, those that strive for the big stuff that seems almost unattainable.

    This is where we like to be, helping organizations achieve dreams that were once thought to be impossible.

    Why Us?

    Everyone answers this question with a variation on their skills, history or achievements, but at FuseLab we believe that choosing a firm like ours is something a little different, it is more of an affirmation that original ideas and true creative insight are still some of the most powerful business tools available.

    Lots of creative agencies can build you a nice looking website that works well, but it’s the level of innovation employed and the ability to push the creative into unexpected territories that creates true marketplace disruption and positions your company apart from the herd.


    Wondering what your site could look like, or how it may be improved in terms of traffic? Contact us for a free high-level analysis of your site and learn what a new UX could do to increase your SEO, drive return visits, and help build new revenue streams.


    The FuseLab team employs an authentic "lab" environment, where we often pull the entire team together, or portions of team to conduct ideation sessions that have a singular goal: how can we improve what we are doing for our clients?


    It's hard to get away from the hourly fee business model in a service business like ours, but what we can promise, unlike a lot of our competitors, we stick to our estimates, never charge for time spent learning new tech, and have a universal commitment to over deliver every step of the way.

    How does User Experience Design help your Site Succeed?

    UX: Making Complex Simple


    One 404 error or cut-off graphic on a small device and you may a have a lost a user. For us, usability is about not having to think, never leaving a user stranded or frustrated and simply loving the experience from beginning to end.


    You need to give them a reason to switch. It doesn’t matter what business you are in, to attract new customers comes down to giving users something they want, quickly, with very little effort, and via an enjoyable experience. The only part we can’t deliver for you is what you charge.

    Drive New Customers

    Don’t make them wait. If your site doesn’t load quickly and is not easily used on mobile just go home now. We are in the age of User Experience, and there are so many options online for customers to choose from that you simply cannot afford to create any roadblocks and expect to stay in business long.

    Problem Solving

    Problem solving is drudgery for most people, but our Development team seems to live for it – the bigger the issue the more excited they get. It’s strange, we realize, but we love them anyway. They are our unsung heroes coming through for our clients in ways they may never even hear about, and we like it like that.

    What We Can Do For You

    We create memorable experiences for our clients that incite action, motivate people to think, and create lasting change.

    UI/UX Design

    UX is the culmination of a long list of skill sets that come together to deliver the overall effectiveness of a digital experience. FuseLab was created to push UX forward and give our clients and their customers memorable user experiences that build loyalty and brand awareness.

    Marketing & Communications

    Effective marketing and communications work has the ability to create a mutually beneficial relationship, something that can be built upon for years to come.

    Graphic Design & Illustration

    The power of great design cannot be overstated when it comes to communicating on the web. In fact, if you ask us, design and copy are both equally important forms of language and need to be treated as such.

    Video Production

    Storytelling will always be an important part of “sticky” messaging, and it’s hard to come up with a better medium for effective messaging than video and video animation.

    Mobile & Web App Development

    One-click calling, clicking for directions or sharing a photo – the list goes on and on, and the expectation is a seamless experience meant to make life easier. Mobile is part of our lifeblood at FuseLab, it’s how we work and live every day.


    Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are both important services that we have recently added to our offering, and are already having a huge impact on how we construct and deliver powerful and memorable user experiences.

    Our UX Design Work

    Latest projects

    To say that we live in an “always on” world is an understatement, and every technology requires the thoughtful development of a User Experience strategy. This omni-channel world requires a full-service and veteran UX team like FuseLab Creative to deliver tangible conversion rates and sky rocketing customer satisfaction.

    Our Team

    Marc Caposino

    CEO/Marketing Director

    Professional communications and marketing are now synonymous with the world of UX design and digital interactive. After two decades of experience in the world of digital communications, I now feel as comfortable leading an website redesign effort as I do writing scripts for a video animation.

    On a basic level, my entire job is about creating unique ways to build more mutually beneficial relationships between our clients and those they serve.

    George Railean

    Principal/Creative UI/UX

    I am a consummate artist, consultant, hard worker, and trusted resource for the timely production of creative deliverables.

    I offer world-class UI / UX expertise and have produced complete website redesigns for American and European startups, large enterprises, federal and state government organizations, and non-profits.

    Varun Mehta

    Principal/Solutions Architect

    I’ve worked on many projects big and small, with clients ranging from fortune 100 companies to start ups. But one thing has remained consistent and that is my passion for code as a developer and my penchant for eyeing details and solving problems.

    As a developer your most important assets are knowledge and experience and I bring both of these to the table to bridge the gap between technical issues and business needs.

    We work with

    some of the world's most trusted organizations.


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