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Remaining a top Web Design firm takes more than a good SEO strategy, it takes work that stands out in a crowd.

The FuseLab portfolio includes work from numerous industries and represents our wide-range of services. But there’s something else, our work tells the individual stories of our clients, their aspirations, goals, and dreams to grow and flourish. This is something we take great pride in helping our clients achieve. As our tagline states, we are Inspired By Your Dreams. . .

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    User Experience Design Principles and Strategies

    User Experience Design Principles and Strategies

    Just because you are a great designer, does not mean you can also create great UX. Creating positive UX takes myriad of skills, an intimate understanding of the project goals, and the ability to translate meaning through art and movement.

    • Natural & Intuitive

      People gravitate to do what is easiest and makes sense. They will not put up with navigation that needs to be analyzed to be used.

    • Operation must be consistent

      As a user digs into your content, one thing that will cause them to leave quickly, is an inconsistent experience. Every page needs to reinforce the understanding created upon viewing your site, regardless if it is your home page or a landing page.

    • Improve the Lives of Users

      It may sound a little over-the-top to state that a website can improve the lives of users. But consider how processes that used to require putting a letter in the mail and waiting weeks for a response are now done in seconds online; paving the way for more time with family.

    • User control and freedom

      There is a balance needed between controlling a user experience in an invisible way and giving that same user the sense of freedom or discovery on your site. The secret is making the UX feel free and effortless, while controlling every single click and scroll.

    • Flexibility and efficiency of use

      People don't want to be forced into a corner and feel as if their options have been taken away from them. This is why multiple options of achieving the same goal needs to be included throughout your site, giving the user options depending on their proclivity to click, scroll, or jump back and forth across pages and content blocks.

    • Aesthetic and minimalist design

      UX design is sometimes a skill in knowing what to hide and what needs to be big and bold. In many ways, UX graphic design is about finding an aesthetic language and design approach the utilizes the least amount of space, while also allowing for the most amount of communication to take place.

    • Conversion

      Possibly the most talked about digital data point on earth is your conversion rate. But converting visitors into users is also about finding ways to continuously surprise users throughout the experience, leaving them with the impression that there is always going to be something worth finding after each click.

    • Show some character

      Regardless of your UX design skills, a positive experience will always involve articulate messaging. It's the combination of these two elements that sticks with users and brings them back over and over.

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    Everyone at FuseLab takes great pride in the trust bestowed on us with each new client. Our approach to marketing has always been rooted in the word-of- mouth and viral quality of our work to speak on our behalf. We don’t do much in terms of marketing our services, instead we focus on gathering new clients through consistently over delivering and letting our work speak for itself. Oh, and we are always updating our site with new experiences and samples, which helps quite a bit.

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    A User Experience Approach to Marketing & Design

    Phrases like human-centered design and user experience bounce around conference rooms every day of the year. However, actually implementing design and marketing strategies based on the principles requires a team like FuseLab Creative. A team with a long history in delivering work that revolves around making the user experience not just a positive one it must also be memorable.


    No two clients are the same, and being flexible and amenable throughout the lifecycle can be the difference in a one project client, and a multi-year contract.


    We love surprising clients with exciting presentations, but there is nothing worse than missing the mark after spending weeks on something. This is why we allow our clients to see our progress through every stage in it’s development

    High Quality Design

    It’s hard to define the dividing line when something goes from good to something considered high-quality. At FuseLab we often rely on a design’s ability to stand the test of time. This is why we take great pride when we hear that websites created years ago are still generating new users and providing our clients with solid conversion rates–this is what we consider high quality UX design.

    On-time project delivery

    We want our clients to know that we are committed to them and their success. How do we prove this, you might ask? The first way is in the quality of the work we provide, but the second is always delivering on time, and in most cases, we attempt to deliver early. It’s one of those things that clearly shows our desire prove that we are a well-run team that can be counted on to come through every time, no matter what!

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