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The key to creating a positive user experience goes beyond personas, journey maps, and beautiful design, it is equally important to create a strategic experience flow. The basic flow includes steps before, during and after specific transactions. Ultimately, an effective user flow brings together every kind of user experience through an infinite loop of customer engagement.

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    Optimize your product through UX Design

    Wondering how to bring back customers again and again–focus on User Experience, that’s it.


    What do we mean by optimize? It’s simple, really. We call it “the beauty of strategic simplicity.” People will return to your site if they know they can get what they need quickly, and if it just so happens that you can entertain or surprise them with beautiful design, then you’ve got them and they will be back!


    Being a website design agency in Washington DC means that we’ve got a lot of competition. It also means that we have access to some of the most powerful companies in the world. And one thing all major companies know is that they must always be aware of customer flow. Phillips Design describes the customer experience flow as “expectation to first impression through discovery, then usage, and finally to memory.” We like this flow a lot.


    We pride ourselves on providing website and graphic design services that see the whole picture and fortified with in-depth customer/user research. This is who you avoid having to come back in a few months and rethink your approach because site visit numbers are stagnate. Users need to feel understood, and if possible, delighted by the obvious knowledge and thought put into a user flow. A customer journey map allowed us to walk in our customer shoes and to feel the individual emotions of each person studied. However, putting this data into practice requires the ability mashup everything we have learned and create an alignment in the vision of type of experience and accounting for every step, stage, goal, context and aspiration of every person that lands on a client’s site. This is where a design agency like FuseLab Creative feels most at home.

    Our Work

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    Our design work should really speak for itself, almost needing no explanation at all; other than to say please take a look at our portfolio and give us feedback. We love to hear your opinions, regardless if they are positive or negative. As a design agency in DC we have grown a thick skin and we relish every comment–you help us grow, learn, and improve, and what could be better than that.

    Full list of Our Creative Services

    We provide best digital solutions.

    UI/UX Design

    UX is the culmination of a long list of skill sets that come together to deliver the overall effectiveness of a digital experience. FuseLab was created to push UX forward and give our clients and their customers memorable user experiences that build loyalty and brand awareness.

    Marketing & Communications

    Effective marketing and communications work has the ability to create a mutually beneficial relationship, something that can be built upon for years to come.

    Graphic Design & Illustration

    The power of great design cannot be overstated when it comes to communicating on the web. In fact, if you ask us, design and copy are both equally important forms of language and need to be treated as such.

    Video Production

    Every new project can be positioned as a problem that needs to be solved. Defining the problem(s) is step one.

    Mobile & Web App Development

    One-click calling, clicking for directions or sharing a photo–the list goes on and on, and the expectation is a seamless experience meant to make life easier. Mobile is part of our lifeblood at FuseLab, it’s how we work and live every day.


    Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are both important services that we have recently added to our offering, and are already having a huge impact on how we construct and deliver powerful and memorable user experiences.

    Key Phases of Our Design Process

    Our not-so-secret-sauce

    As a creative agency one might assume that we are not big on preconceived processes or formulas. This could not be further from the truth. As a design agency, we rely on our proven systems to help us continuously deliver effective website designs that stand out and get our clients noticed in the cut-throat business community of Washington, DC.

    Problem Definition

    Every new project can be positioned as a problem that needs to be solved. Defining the problem(s) is step one.

    Design Exploration

    UX design exploration begins following an in-depth audience, content, and messaging, culminating in a strategic creative brief and client approval process.

    Design Optimization

    After designs are approved, we begin to explore ways to further refine and optimize content within the new framework, and to optimize content for search and an intuitive and easy navigation experience.

    Design as Communication

    It may not be obvious to everyone, but in many ways – including sub-conscious, visual, and literal – UX design is a form of communication. And when paired with strategic and engaging messaging, you end up with a harmonious coupling of exceptionally effective tools to reach your marketing goals.


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