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The first step in almost any business plan is to analyze how well your site is performing.

Some times a better performing site is a slight tweak to your overall UX/UI, and sometimes it just better to admit that your site needs a complete overhaul. FuseLab can help you determine where you are, what you need, and how to create a high performing site that will not need further changes six months from now.

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    A DC Web Design Company

    The capital region is quickly becoming a Silicon Valley East, and FuseLab is one of the many firms leading the way.

    UX/UI design is as much about listening to clients goals and needs as it is about design talent.

    We believe that the individual skills of a UX/UI designer are becoming more and more blurred. What is important now is that the designer acquire an intimate understanding of the business he is trying to represent in his design and the ability to restate that business goals, personality, and assets through visuals and a easy and intuitive flow of information and navigation.

    Of course this is not something a first year designer can do very easily, which is why FuseLab Create employs only veteran UX/UI designer with a long history of complex projects under their belt. We want make our clients feel understood without rounds and rounds of revisions–it’s not always possible to get it right the first try, but we are always learning and improving our processes every day. A strong commitment to learning and growth is a part of every staff member at FuseLab.

    What Makes Us Different

    It takes more than a cool website.

    Creating strong distinctions from other design firms is more than developing a portfolio that can compete. It also takes a commitment to developing strong relationships with clients, colleagues, and industry partners. You never know who will bring you the next project, or how your company may grow, but it’s safe to say that becoming a design company that clients can rely on to surprise them with innovative ideas, striking design, and a genuine interest in seeing our clients prosper will always be at the top of our list of goals.

    We listen to what you need

    Listening may be more important that artistic skill in the world of web design.

    We like the element of surprise when pitching ideas

    Fuselab will always throw in some unexpected ideas, just to see how adventurous our clients are feeling.

    Publishing your site may be the final deliverable, but it's not where we stop.

    We always try to give our clients next steps after the end of project. If nothing else it gives them something to noodle on while they figure out next year’s budget.

    We create web designs that change things.

    There is really nothing worse than a redesign that create no impact. We pride ourselves on creating strategic web design that helps companies take their next big step in the evolution of their service or product offering.

    Safety Guarantee

    Anxiety can be a killer for any business leader, but with FuseLab Creative we will make sure that your web design will no longer be something to worry about.

    Complete Privacy

    People don’t talk about privacy much in the web design world, but it’s important to us that our clients know that they can trust us with not only their data, but also their hopes and dreams. We like to do whatever we can to become as close as we can to to just another staff member.


    Whether it’s making sure your data is secure, or your website is using the most robust security protocols, we know that security is on everyone’s mind these days, including ours. It seems some new data breach is announced every week, and we are always doing what we can to learn how to better protect our clients.

    Legal Protection

    In many way, protecting your brand secrets, or strategies is not that much different than protecting your site from being hacked. It’s about having the right team around you: people that you can trust with your most critical information, and making sure those people know how to protect it. It’s really that simple.

    Confirmed Trustworthy

    How do you prove to be trustworthy? In our case, it revolves around our growing list of happy clients. We are always attempting to show our appreciation of the trust that has been given to us, and how we do this is simply through over-delivering every chance we get.

    On Time Delivery

    It goes without saying that delivering on time is big deal in the web design industry. TS Elliot said that a “poem is never finished, it is only given up on.” Although we don’t give up on a site at completion, the fact that it can always be improved is not lost on us.

    Full Authenticity

    Just be authentic. It’s not as easy as it sounds. We all see things that other agencies are doing and wish we had thought of that or glean ideas from others that will work well for us as well. The difference is not in the borrowing of ideas, it is making whatever you are creating a uniquely authentic web design experience for the user.

    Our Work

    Latest projects

    The is is just a small list of some of our latest web design work. We encourage you, if you have the time, to check our full site and look at our specific services in our “proud to deliver” showcase. You will see not just our designs, but some of the animation, branding, virtual and augmented reality work, as well as some stuff that in there just for kicks and giggles.


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