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Smart interface design has taken on a new level of importance in our lives. At FuseLab Creative we work with AI support systems to help build intelligent interface designs that easily adapt to personalization and computerized learning to best serve users and their evolving needs.

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    UI Design Trends Making a Big Splash in 2018

    • Business Decision Support

      When designed properly, dashboards can help you make informed decisions that can dramatically impact business performance through displaying up-to-the-minute KPIs and other important data.

    • Customized Filtering

      Allowing users to filter dashboard information and return to saved filters from their last visit creates a personalized user experience that brings visitor's back over and over.

    • Letting Users Control the Experience

      Nothing creates a new and sustainable relationship with users more than giving them the opportunity to control the information they are given and to create an ongoing resource of this information, through AI, realtime databases, filters, etc.

    • Make App Easy to Use

      Ease of use is not very easy at all. However, creating a UI tools that are intuitive and in some ways "idiot proof," create a user experience that taps into our reflexes instead of making us have to think, which is a key element of saving users time and effort.

    • Resist the Hodgepodge

      Early on it was good enough to simply have the rightinformation on a dashboard. But in 2018, our web design UI demands includes a sleek union of utility, usability and beauty.

    Useful Interface Elements

    There are certain amount of UI tools/elements that users have come to recognize and rely upon to achieve their goals.

    Input Controls

    • Buttons
    • Text Fiels
    • Checkboxes
    • Radio buttons
    • Dropdown lists
    • List boxes
    • Toggles
    • Date field

    Navigational Components

    • Breadcrumb
    • Slider
    • Search Field
    • Pagination
    • Tags
    • Icons
    • Hamburger Menu

    Informational Components

    • Tooltips
    • Icons
    • Process bar
    • Notifications
    • Message boxes
    • Modal windows


    • Accordion
    • Accordions
    • Tab Menus
    • Flexible Grids
    • Hover Info
    • Hide Buttons
    User Interface Design

    User Interface Work

    Latest projects

    Intelligent interface design requires experimentation, strategy, research and years of experience. FuseLab UI designers have been doing this work for years and are able to cut through the information overload and provide our clients with user flows and designs that make all of your data manageable and ultimately more usable.

    Interface Design Best Practices

    If designed well, a useful interface can be your best sales tool

    Be purposeful in page layout.

    Just making the page look nice is really only a small part of the strategy, yet many agencies fall in love with a design with no regard for usability. This is why we make sure our designs are based on research, strategy, and your content, and not the latest trends.

    Create consistency and use common UI elements.

    Consistency in design elements is as much about meeting users expectations as it is about creating a positive user experience. In sales they say that you should talk to people with a language they understand. Online, language is as much about visual indicators as it is about actual word usage.

    Intuitive interface

    Creating intuitive interfaces is much more difficult than it may seem. But at the heart of this goal is a requirement to understand your target audiences on such an intimate level that you can actually begin to anticipate their needs and emotions.

    The Strategic Use of Color

    It may sound obvious but the strategic use of color, and the consistent use of color as a communications strategy can make the help users subconsciously differentiate from what is most important and what is supportive details without making any effort to read a single word.

    Use typography to create hierarchy and clarity.

    After color usage, typography is your next most important indicator of hierarchy and clarity. Remember in grammar school when you first learned how to write an outline; there’s a reason that same format still exists today. Some design strategies, like the proper use of typography remain as cornerstones of hierarchal content flow.

    A plethora of options

    Whenever I see a large crowd, I’m always struck by the variations in the human face. We look so different, while at the same time, many of us want the same thing. This is illustrated perfectly by our online behavior: we want similar things, but how we get there will be different, so giving users multiple navigation options is critical.

    How to Choose

    The Right Agency for Your Business:

    The road to website redesign is full joys and sorrows, however, if you at least conduct your selection process based primarily on portfolio and personality first, you stand a good chance of developing something great and having a little fun at the same time.

    Check Case Studies

    There’s really no indicator of what a UI/UX team can achieve for your better than their current portfolio. Look for designs you like, functionality you think would work well for your project, and messaging that speaks to you and bring all of this up in the kickoff meeting

    Qualified Specialists

    Ask for resumes of project staff. There’s a reason that most RFPs request resumes for the proposed project team. They want to know more about your team than the short bios on your website, and learning the knowledge history and experience of the team you will be working with is invaluable information


    Most likely any professional design firm that has been in business awhile will have references that will say good things about them. But asking for professional references of, such as former colleagues, mentors, and even friends can also be helpful in figuring out the team with the right mix of personality and portfolio.

    Check Other Platforms

    Every website development firm has a website that makes them look good–at least they better or you should run now! But checking other sites, such as Behance or Dribble are great ways to read professional opinions of their work and see additional samples that might not be on their corporate site.


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