Government UI/UX Design Services

Fuselab Creative is an industry leader in providing digital design and data visualization services for government agencies that require digital government services. Being located in the greater Washington DC area, gives us a unique advantage and a first-hand connections with agencies like National Institutes of Health.

Design Agency for Government

The needs of the public sector and private sector are similar, but the goals are different. While often the private sector focuses on profits, the public sector focus on the needs of people and their personal wellbeing. Our design solutions are people-first, and we understand what it’s like to design for both personal needs and business goals alike.

Government UI/UX Design Services

UX/UI Design

Fuselab Creative is an industry leader for design in a government setting. We’ve been meeting the needs of both local, state, and federal agencies with our deep understanding of your unique space as public servants. Design in government settings requires a deep understanding of accessibility and the rules associated with public information publications.



  • Use cases
  • Site maps
  • Low-fidelity wireframes
  • Requirements gathering
  • Agency goals


  • User flows
  • High-fidelity wireframes
  • Clickable prototypes
  • UI design
  • User testing


  • Design system delivery
  • Handoff to development team
  • Bug fixing support
  • Final user testing
  • Publication

Fuselab Creative
Work Examples

With our extensive experience as a design agency for government agencies at the city, state, and federal levels, we are now a well-suited choice for most digital design needs in the public marketplace. We were recently awarded the federal government GSA-MAS contract certification and will be pursuing work in this general IT support area for next five years or more.

National Institutes of Health - Government agency
CRISP User Guide UI
CRISP Services Overview
DHCS Map Visualization
DHCS Medical Dashboard Animation

Why choose
Fuselab Creative for

Government &
Non-Profit Platforms?

Government design systems have unique needs, as they are designed with broad public use in mind, and need to be future-proof, no matter what the future may hold. Through our years of UX research and data visualization and custom platform development experience, Fuselab consistently finds a way to still infuse a high-caliber level of creativity and innovation in a marketplace that can seem quite confining if you don’t understand how to deliver on behalf of the general public.

App Development AD

App Development

The goal of public sector service design is to deliver quality and straightforward design solutions with an acute focus on creating accessible products that need not explanation to be usable. App Development with us will is as easy as coming up with a solid set or requirements and then let us get to work.

Standards for UX/UI Design STD

Standards for UX/UI Design

At Fuselab, we follow strict quality control guidelines in order to ensure when we hand off a product to our clients the integration is as smooth and seamless as possible. Our solid compliance standards, quality controls, and user testing protocols, set us apart as a top design firm for government platforms.

Design Definition Language DDL

Design Definition Language

Design Definition Language was developed to give graphic design and development staff clear, precise language to express design concepts and requirements. This helps keep everyone on the same page and also ensures that the final implementation of the final design system accurately reflects the original design.

Product Information Management PIM

Product Information Management

Clear communication and transparency is the backbone of public sector work. Through PIM utilization we are able to introduce and distribute information in a consistent manner, while maintaining the desired cadence of deliverables and a system for communication that helps everyone stay “in-the-know” throughout the project lifecycle.

Our Design Agency
Services For Government

Design thinking has always been a hallmark of our process, and helps us deliver human-centered strategies when coming up with our design solutions. Through every stage of the design process, from our initial brainstorming ideas to the final testing phases, we keep the person behind the screen in mind with every single decision we make.

Government UI\UX Design

What is it like to create design solutions in a government setting? It’s not that different from any other type of client, and yet there are some key differences. Our design standards remain the same regardless of the marketplace, however, when working for the public sector, as anyone could easily surmise, the target audience can be quite enormous. Conversely, this is also why we love it! Knowing that our work has the potential to positively impact a large audience is truly inspiring.

Government UI\UX Design

Website Design For Government

Government website design needs to employ ease-of-use and accessibility as guiding principle behind every decision made. The focus on accessibility is much more than enabling users of different technological experience get what then need from a particular site. There are the WCAG 2.0 standards and for some agencies, the WCAG 3.0 standards for others that are more strict, and then there’s intangibles, such vernacular and nomenclature. The list can get quite long, but the good news is that in the end we are supporting some of the most important services on earth.

Website Design For Government

Data Visualization for Public Sector

Data visualization sounds complicated, but it is one of those sneaky communication’s tools successfully inserted in our daily life without much notice. And for this reason, and the fact that when properly conceived, data visualization can communicate to a very broad audience, breaking through language and education barriers to communicate critically important health and safety information to millions of citizens in the most compact and effective format possible. The government digital space is both very demanding and very rewarding.

Data Visualization for Public Sector

Government App Design

Just like every other industry, government agencies have introduced apps for public use to their constituents. The California DMV, IRS, and TSA have all created apps where they provide many of the same services as their website do. On the other hand, FEMA is able to reach people in real-time for disaster preparedness, potentially saving lives. App design is synonymous with modern life, and we often find ourselves pitching our government clients to move away from their document-centered ways and embrace the efficiencies available within the modern app space.

Government App Design

Government Dashboard Design

A robust dashboard can change the way we think about government services entirely. All it takes is a well placed digital banner design promoting paying your property taxes online and suddenly the old paper process practically ceases to exist. Intuitive interface and dashboard design are the welcome wagon for this revolution and the designing simple and enjoyable experiences for these products is our specialty at Fuselab.

Government Dashboard Design

Our Design Portfolio

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Government Industries
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Fuselab Creative has been working for the California Department of Health Care Services on behalf of their Business Intelligence division. We are currently redesigning their system for data visualizations and dashboard design to better communicate Medical data for the fourteen million beneficiaries in California and the stakeholder agencies that rely in this information. This contract may be one of the most inspiring and important projects we have ever had the privilege to participate in.


The movement of goods and services across the country is the lifeblood of us all. And although we may not think about the impact this sector has on our lives, we are immediately made acutely aware when our vacation flight is canceled and we are forced to spend the night in the airport. Fuselab has built numerous dashboards to harness the power of real-time GIS data and help keep trucks and buses on the road and aircraft in the air, hopefully always arriving safely and on-schedule!

Artificial Intelligence Integration

AI and machine learning tools are quickly changing the way we think about our work and life in general. The government space is no different, although, for obvious reasons the trajectory will lag behind other less risk-adverse markets, government agencies are building their own AI-driven platforms to service more people better and more efficiently. Fuselab is currently working on a transformational healthcare data tool that will have a dramatic impact across the state of California.

FAQs About SaaS
UI/UX Design Services

Why is UX/UI important for Government/Non-Profit industries?

We have thankfully moved into the modern world, where every kind of data is and should be accessible online. However, we also have to remember people have different levels of access to technology and different levels of tech proficiency. When you focus on UX/UI design for the public, your first requirement is to ensure accessibility and easy of use for your customers/constituents from all walk of life.

Can you provide industry examples for design in government?

Definitely! Anywhere you look, you find organizations providing functional services with the help of successful UX/UI design implementation. An example that stands out is FEMA’s IPAWS system, with their no-nonsense and clean design that’s meant to provide you with disaster awareness information and real life alerts in the most clear and concise format possible. This is a great example of designing with a good understanding of your user needs in mind.

How do you address challenges of the public sector?

One of the biggest challenges when working with the public sector is security and privacy. This is particularly true in the healthcare space. Personal user data is simply of the everyday experience in this world, and we understand that above else we are protecting the interests of the public. Fuselab has strong QA/QC protocols in place to ensure that the security in our products is in line with the most recent industry standards.

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