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Full-stack development
for Playground Studios

Fuselab Creative, has been creating full-stack development work for Playground Studios. They’ve done the front- and backend design and integration for an NFT platform they’re making, which aims to turn expensive pieces of sports memorabilia into NFTs. In addition to that, their team also performs brand identity efforts.

UX/UI design for

Kaiznovate is a company that builds mobile apps for chiropractic and PT practices to drive greater engagement, care plan adherence and outcomes. They reached out to Fuselab Creative because they clearly have a talented team. But what makes them stand out is that they care about the people and the product they are bringing to life. It’s not just a process for them, it’s a heartfelt commitment.

Custom e-commerce platform
and web design for Consulting Company

The project was a two-pronged effort. The first goal was to implement current branding and a modern approach to the marketing site that would pay tribute to the 100+ years of history of the brand, and also present the company and its products as an evolving and contemporary food manufacturer.

AI & Machine Learning
company's training
platform design

Fuselab Creative initially helped us design the entire product from scratch. As we went further into the project, they started working with our executive team, collaborating directly with our designers. While it’s hard to have a product’s design first before building something in practice, Fuselab has been helping us take this approach.

UX/UI design and CRO
for Online Tire Shop

Online Tire Shop hired Fuselab Creative for UI/UX design. The challenge was to create a unique modern UI/UX design in a competitive tire industry. The goals for our project were to create the best destination for used tires in United States and increase in conversion rates.

Custom CMS platform
and UX design for
Contrast & Co

Contrast & Co was and continues to be extremely impressed with Fuselab’s commitment to detail. Development partners that put the same care and pride in bringing a digital experience to life exactly the way it was originally imagined are hard to come by.

Custom web app design
for Government Agency

Last year, POGO started a project to visualize and create a database where users could see where the federal government’s COVID-19 relief funds were going. They were looking for a frontend company that had a lot of experience with data visualization and Fuselab Creative fit the bill.

Site redesign, graphic
design, and branding
Telematics Company

The team did a complete overhaul of the website. Fuselab Creative handled everything from the discovery process onward, including identifying solutions, creating prototypes and wireframes, and designing iterations. Then, we also went through QA testing. Their traffic data since doing an overhaul of their website has almost doubled.

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