Design System

Although the design system is constantly evolving, one thing remains true, large digital platforms can no longer survive without one.

Design System Services

Creating a Design

A coded system of design elements and master documentation that delivers global changes and critical efficiencies in seconds.
Interface Inventory

Interface Inventory

  • Visual Pattern Inventory
  • Helps Spot Inconsistencies
  • Helps Communicate Need for creating design language
Style Tiles

Style Tiles

  • AKA Mood Boards
  • Define Aesthetic
  • Select Brand Elements
  • Show component relationships
  • Data Analysis
Visual Language

Visual Language

  • Logic Defined
  • Core Elements
  • Application Standards
  • Typography / Imagery / Spacing
CSS Framework

CSS Framework

  • Coded Design Assets
  • Modular
  • Scalable
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Delivery


  • Demonstrates UI Patterns
  • References to Brand Rules
  • Dictates Usage
  • Aids With Implementation
  • Illustrates Pattern Library Usage
Design System

Design System

  • UI Patterns
  • Framework
  • Assets
  • Documentation
  • Product Design Ecosystem

Ideas Dept

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