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Despite the Design System’s continuous evolution, large digital platforms can no longer survive without one. Fuselab Creative delivers pixel-perfect design systems to the next level.

Design System Agency

To create a design system takes much, much more than UX/UI design experience. Interface design systems and digital platform design systems in general require the combination of expert-level development experience along with design experience, Our design system team is always balancing the functional requirements along with the art of engaging design; a skill that sets us apart from our competition.

Design System services

Design System
Services Reel

Design Systems developed by our team of professionals will help you streamline the design and creation processes, and set you on the track of consistency, efficiency and scalability. Check our reel below!

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Creating a Design

A coded system of design elements and master documentation that delivers global changes and critical efficiencies in seconds.

Interface Inventory

Interface Inventory

  • Visual Pattern Inventory
  • Helps Spot Inconsistencies
  • Helps Communicate Need for creating design language
Style Tiles

Style Tiles

  • AKA Mood Boards
  • Define Aesthetic.
  • Select Brand Elements
  • Show component relationships.
Visual Language

Visual Language

  • Logic Defined
  • Core Elements
  • Application Standards
  • Typography/Imagery/Spacing
CSS Framework

CSS Framework

  • Coded Design Assets
  • Modular
  • Scalable
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Delivery


  • Demonstrates UI Patterns
  • References to Brand Rules
  • Dictates Usage
  • Aids With Implementation
  • Illustrates Pattern Library Usage
Design System

Design System

  • UI Patterns
  • Framework
  • Assets
  • Documentation
  • Product Design Ecosystem

Benefits of a
Design System


By providing a set of standardized design elements, components, and style and functional guidelines, a custom design system helps maintain a cohesive visual approach and user experience throughout your digital platform or product of any kind.


Design systems promote efficiency by providing consistent design patterns, UI components, and code that can be reused across digital deliverables of any kind. Designers and developers can leverage these reusable assets, saving time and effort. The work performed creating design systems UX/UI allows teams to work more quickly and consistently, leading to faster development cycles and improved productivity.


As digital products evolve over time, a design system enables scalability without too much headache. It provides a flexible framework that can accommodate new features, layouts, and interactions seamlessly. Design systems also support collaboration and cross-functional teams by establishing a UI inventory and set of guidelines, allowing for efficient scaling of the design and development process.

Improved User Experience

A custom design system focuses on human-centered design principles, ensuring that the end-users have a seamless and intuitive experience. By providing a consistent interface and interaction patterns, users can navigate through different digital products more easily, as they begin to understand the structure and hierarchy of information and functional options. Consistent branding and visual elements also contribute to brand recognition and trust.

Maintenance and Governance

Design system creation facilitates a much easier process for maintenance and governance of digital products. When changes or updates are required, they can be applied systematically across the design system, automatically updating products without any manual work. This centralized approach streamlines the maintenance process, reduces the risk of inconsistencies, and enables effective governance of design decisions and brand guidelines.

UI Design System

Our Design Systems team of professionals seamlessly blends creativity and functionality to create neat user-centered experiences that redefine excellence. Check our showcased work bellow.

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Design system for Artificial Intelligence agency

Users are able to track their experiments, deal with data issues, calculate cost and determine success and failures all from the same dashboard.

Users are also able to create their own unique workspace with customized projects which house experiments, sessions, and reports to each run. The total cost is always in view for easy administrative management.


Centralize diverse features like experiments, data and reports in a single dashboard, making sure it runs smoothly for the users.


We developed an intuitive design system allowing seamless engagement, data access and personalized hassle-free space.


The revamped dashboard improved UX, offering efficient data management and optimized decision-making.

Design system for Supply Chain and Telematics company

The platform should enable real-time tracking of vehicles, allowing fleet managers to monitor their locations, routes, and status at any given time. This data will be used for analysis and decision-making. Provide comprehensive data analysis and reporting capabilities, including key performance indicators (KPIs) such as fuel efficiency, maintenance costs, driver performance, and overall fleet utilization. The platform should present this information in user-friendly dashboards and reports.


Redesign the interface for a supply chain software company and fleet management platform.


The resulting interface streamlines real-time tracking, data analytics, offers cost optimization and provides insights for fleet management.


We delivered an All-In-One Dashboard design with a live map, analytics, actionable insights and cost optimization solutions for an efficient fleet management.

Our Work Examples

The future, the present, and the past.

Here you will find our invitations for the coming months, what we already published or simply just dive into our 7 years long history.
Industry / Project Services

Digital Product Design Systems

Building a design system for startups, in particular, can help them get a leg-up on their competition and streamline their work and budget. The functional dashboards and data visualizations that are often part of design systems lend a sense of legitimacy to those just starting out.

Digital Product Design Systems

Brand Design

Visual design systems have taken old style guides and given them a shot in the arm! Corporate creative designs need, above all else, to remain consistent and reliable across products and marketing. This is one of the services design systems do best.

Brand Design <br />Systems

Enterprise Design Systems

Any large scale enterprise product must create a company design system if they plan to stay relevant and/or competitive. Design systems for enterprise take some of the pressure off of developers by giving them all the front end tools they need.

Enterprise Design Systems

Key Design
Systems Components

Design systems have changed the way we deliver almost all of our design work, as automation functions are now as important as the actual work.

Style Guide SG

Style Guide

Most modern organizations that have spent any amount of time focused on branding, and particularly those that have a digital presence have some kind of existing style guide. The existing guide is only used as a reference for our work, as we move into creating an updated style guide and the full design system development. A design system is similar to a style guide, ia it includes elements such as the pattern library, but full design system goes much further, by providing design implementation guidelines, and, at times, a communications guide for public speaking and public document creation.

Pattern Library PL

Pattern Library

Typically a visual audit is conducted at the beginning of a design system build where we collect and document all the actual components of a clients existing user interface. This process also helps weed out the elements that are not serving any vital functions. From this research we then begin to rebuild a visual library of everything that will be included as part of the new design system and save them in our pattern library for future use.

CSS Framework CSSF

CSS Framework

A CSS framework is where design systems truly take flight. As the framework provides an actionable tool for clients to take our work and implement changes and updates to their digital projects independently. We always want our clients to go forward not needing anything from us other than basic maintenance. This fact separates professional creative agencies from those that are looking to keep clients paying from those that are attempting to set them up for success.

Documentation DO


Documentation is exactly as it sounds, but is possibly the most critical part of a successful design system, as great design is only as good as its effective implementation. If a developer does not know how to treat certain design elements, or if assumed functionality is not documented with clear instructions, it can lead to considerable re-work efforts and unneeded back tracking, which always impacts profitability and overall effectiveness of the design system. All of our design system designers are experts in documentation along with their long list of design credentials.

Workflows WF


Workflows can be as detailed or as simple as the project requires. There are design systems for large platforms that have done a great job of keeping things simple, such as Shopify’s “Polaris Design System.” In a nutshell, workflows are about mapping out individual tasks, such as replacing a video block, with a sequential manual for each step in the process and how to conduct a quality check to verify success.

Roles & Procedures RP

Roles & Procedures

Even small companies struggle with who signs off on what and when. When there are specific procedures written out for staff and everyone understands what is required before any change or action is approved the chance for success skyrockets and the likelihood of something sneaking through and going public with an error or that is done incorrectly drops way down.

Related Services and Solutions

Industries we love to
work with


Healthcare providers, for the most part, do not have time to learn new applications. As a result, the consistency in terminology and information design that healthcare app design systems offer is invaluable. Fuselab is known as a design system company that can meet the needs of medical providers.


Travel sites and apps have a lot to keep up with, and a booking design system can be the rudder for an organization attempting to navigate this competitive space. By adopting an innovative design system, travel sites and apps can streamline their development processes.

Transportation and logistics

Telematics, logistics, and transportation systems are unbelievably detailed. A design system can help development teams make regular updates without the need to confirm with the design team.


Design systems for the Metaverse help developers build out regular updates and make brand-consistent changes on the fly; helping them move on with their work without a series of design approvals.

AI and ML

We are on the cusp of AI and ML incorporating design systems within a fully automated update process, which will save developers an enormous amount of time and headaches.

Ecommerce and Retail

E-commerce and retail digital applications deploy constant updates with new products, time-sensitive sales, and purchasing flow edits. Each of these areas requires a pixel-perfect design system.

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