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Website design is changing every day, and today's trend is tomorrow's cliche.

Whether your site needs a more modern or minimalist look and feel, or is not keeping up with responsive needs in the marketplace; one thing is for sure, just downloading a template and building your own site is not going to make your new competitive. What is needed now is a veteran team of digital strategist and UX/UI experts to drive traffic, entice engagement and increase sales. Luckily, FuseLab Creative is poised to help make this easy for you.

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    How can our UX company help you?

    A lot of companies say they focus on user experience, but not very many can back up this claim like FuseLab Creative.

    Solving Problems

    Every design task could be considered a problem in need of a solution, and every solution is different and requires a custom solution and the right team to bring this UX solution to life.

    Amazing Design

    Beautiful design helps a lot; it makes us pause for a moment and revel in the moment, or even marvel at the skill of some UX designers, but if it is not backed up with intuitive functionality and simple usability, beauty may not be enough to entice that user to come back or engage.

    Attract Users

    Attracting new users and retaining existing users is a balancing act between design, functionality and surprise.

    FuseLab UX designers focus on the creating positive and fluid experiences; however, we are also always trying to insert something new, something unexpected, or at least one element that cements a memorable quality to the experience. It’s this memory that brings users back over and over again, seeking to recreate this unexpected pleasant surprise.

    We are not talking about silly tricks or meaningless flourishes, we are talking about how a once tedious process, such as filling out a long form, has now been made simple and almost effortless. These are the things that change the way a user thinks and causes them to return.


    We are on the Rise Because

    It's hard to pinpoint one thing that has caused our rise lately, but if we had to choose one it would be our dedication to making our client relationships, actual relationships.

    We’re Creative

    We’re Creative

    Working at a creative agency changes the way you look at the world. The necessity to continuously come up with new ideas can feel a little overwhelming at times, while at the same time we look at this kind of work as a privilege. We get to do what we love instead of clocking in and out of a job as most of society does. This is why we treasure the opportunity to serve as a creative extension of our client’s dreams every day.

    We're Friendly

    We're Friendly

    It may seem frivolous but being friendly is possibly one of the most underrated characteristics in business. Of course we are all here to provide a service, but making it pleasant and fun for our clients is not that hard to do. It starts with the kind of mood we reinforce in our office, and how we extend that feeling into our working relationships with our clients. Ultimately, we want our clients to look forward to our group meetings and calls with the same excitement that we do.

    We’re Focused on Your Goal

    We’re Focused on Your Goal

    It’s right there in our tagline: Fueled By Your Dreams. We take the responsibility of helping our clients make their dreams come true as both a privilege and an ever-changing challenge. Every year, and in some cases, every month, this challenge can change. We love this fact and take pride in being a nimble enough team to not only keep up but to exceed expectations that are put upon us every day.

    We love this stuff!

    We love this stuff!

    When you hear someone say they love what they do, it is almost human nature to doubt that they are sincere. Probably because so many people hate their jobs and are only doing for the money. FuseLab staff are different, and when you work with us, our love for our work will become immediately apparent. In fact, this year we are donating 30 design hours per month to nonprofits and cause-oriented organizations. This is to show our appreciation to this sector and the work they do, but also to spread our passion for this work to those that need it most.

    We're Organized

    We're Organized

    Without a solid plan, a clear list of deliverables with due dates, and a team that is able to be agile and linear in its processes, is essential. We need sophisticated organization to allow us the time to be creative and to experiment in an environment that has been carved out for this very purpose. FuseLab project managers understand this need and always make sure we are never forcing creativity into the corner of our service, when it is simply the most important aspect of what we do.

    We're Professional

    We're Professional

    When some people think of a creative agency the first image they have is some twenty-somethings playing ping-pong and loud electronic music. At FuseLab Creative, we try our best to keep things light, but there’s also level of professionalism that comes with employing a staff made up mostly of veteran UX/UI designers, strategist and marketing professionals. You may not see us playing a lot of ping-pong, but you will find us traveling in Europe or South America with our families whenever we get the chance!

    Our Work

    Latest projects

    There’s a common understanding among UX/UI design firms, which is that in this industry in particular, no one reads your site, they just look at the pictures. This is why we focus on updating our portfolio as much as possible and giving visitors a visual tour of our latest work. However, messaging is important too, and can’t be overlooked, so we encourage a little reading to better understand our philosophies, approach to our work, and personality.

    Experts working with Design Tools

    Experts working with Design Tools
    • Photoshop

      The workhorse program that web designers have relied on for decades and still stands tall among its competitors.

    • Illustrator

      Our brand developers would be lost without the Illustrator and the ability to truly drawout our ideas in ways that no other tool can.

    • After Effects

      As we move into more and more video animation and virtual reality work, this tool is a critical component of our success.

    • Indesign

      How would we ever create winning proposals or beautiful, long-format print work without Indesign, and please don't say the "Q" word, we are still trying to forget those days.

    • Sketch

      Ok, so this is tough one, many of us love Sketch and others, not so much, we will keep you posted on the future of this software at FuseLab and report back soon.


    Digital strategy is no longer a term saved for web development teams.

    Regardless of the type of project: branding, marketing campaign, or even community outreach, a digital strategy and an effective and comprehensive UX are required.

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