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To create a successful and enjoyable enterprise user experience the number one requirement is a detailed system of user-centered requirements gathering.

More and more companies are realizing the power of building their own enterprise applications to make better use of their internal data. Executives often ask enterprise app design companies like us to create a hybrid app for them to receive important updates and to review summary-level data from their phones whenever they wish.

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In some ways, designing enterprise applications and SaaS requires as much design experience as it does business consulting.

Enterprise App Design and Development EADD

Enterprise App Design and Development

Enterprise web and mobile application design and development is a critical building block in the success of any project. Management staff across countless industries rely on their enterprise mobile apps for real-time sales and marketing updates, hiring stats, and countless other types of data that help them make important decisions every day.

Enterprise Application UI/UX Design EAD

Enterprise Application UI/UX Design

Enterprise app UI/UX design requires a unique skill set from designers. It’s not enough to know how to design effective digital applications, designers also need to understand the business requirements held by those that will use the app to guide their company, while also creating an interface that is exceptionally easy to use.

Enterprise Software Design ESD

Enterprise Software Design

Enterprise software UX/UI design employs an interesting set of design tools that not all design agencies are capable of delivering. Architecturally speaking, designers are creating systems where the most critical data is delivered in the most concise and effective format possible, while also leaving room for deep-dive information as needed.

Enterprise Dashboard Design EDD

Enterprise Dashboard Design

Dashboard design for enterprise applications is kind of like the “Cliff Notes” for a long novel. Based on enterprise design analytics, we decide on how to display the most vital information first and create human-centered navigation that allows users to reach deeper into the book when more details are needed.

Enterprise Design Systems EDS

Enterprise Design Systems

Building design systems for enterprise applications allows organizations to hold onto their original design and messaging integrity with little to no effort. A professional design system for any digital application creates the most instructive and useful tool that exists for organizations that don’t want to keep coming back to their design agency for updates.

Enterprise Website Design EWD

Enterprise Website Design

An enterprise website design agency is a completely different species from your everyday website design firm. Enterprise websites are tools that help companies manage their staff, deliver automated reports, and control costs – just to name a few of the many tools that can be created to help organizations thrive in practically any industry on earth.

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Our Enterprise App
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User Research

For an enterprise app to be truly useful, we first need to understand what users need, how they will use the app, and what they hope to achieve with it.


Developing an intuitive architecture is almost entirely based on the design of specific user flows that satisfy the needs of every current and proposed user persona

UX Design

Enterprise UX design begins with taking the user flows created and turning them into obvious sequential content blocks that need no explanation or training to navigate.

UI Design

UI design for enterprise applications is more about creating effortless access to information than it is about beautiful design; they both need to support each other without getting in the way.

Documentation and Design Systems

A well-documented design system is the ultimate safeguard for organizations to protect the visual and functional integrity of their enterprise application.

Industries We Love to Create
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We now support several healthcare organizations, including the State of California’s Health Department. And one thing we know for sure is that enterprise health app design is the pulmonary artery of any successful hospital or healthcare facility.


Enterprise-level applications are how modern travel organizations survive. Ask anyone at American Airlines or Orbitz how important their internal enterprise applications are to them and the success of their business and you will receive a chorus of support.

Transportation and Logistics

Simply put, if you are considering managing even a small fleet of vehicles of any kind, you are going to need the support of an enterprise web design agency. And most likely, the off-the-shelf platforms available will only do a small part of what you actually need.

Real Estate
Real Estate

Selling real estate has been revolutionized over the past 10 years, and user experience design is one of the key differentiators in this space. Only with a flawless enterprise web app UI design can real estate companies even begin to compete.

AI and ML

Everyone loves to drone on about machine learning and AI, but the best products are would be useless without expert UX design for enterprise software. Fuselab has been helping these companies succeed for years, and is prepared to help you.

Ecommerce and Retail

Almost every retail company in the world now has a companion mobile shopping application. If not, you’re just leaving money on the table. Enterprise mobile app design is the lynchpin between brick and mortar and online sales, it’s how retail and Ecommerce peacefully coexist.

Enterprise UX/UI
Design Agency

We believe design can change the world for the better. This is why we have spent years working with companies seeking to improve human interaction, productivity, and sustainability. The pace of change is exploding, it’s up to us to design solutions that can not only last, but that can lead the way.

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