Data Visualization

Good data visualization tells a story without the need for formal explanations. It is a nexus point where design, science, and communication exist to inform people in the language of the future.

Data Visualization Services
Data Visualization Design Agency

Data Visualization Design Agency

As one of the best data visualization agencies in the USA, we now have over a decade of experience creating data visualization presentations, applications, and digital tools. To remain competitive, any organization that seeks to influnce the thinking, actions, and engagement of their users must employ a team of data viz designers to present their data in a meaningful and intuitive fashion. This is now how successful businesses learn and make better descisions in the future.

Our Data Visualization Design Services Reel

We offer some of the best data visualization services in the USA, see portfolio reel below.

Data Visualization

Our process of data visualization as a service follows a distinct flow to deliver the highest data visualization design and development impact.


  • What kind of data is there?
  • What does the data show?
  • What can do with the data?
  • What is of value in the data?
  • Target audience for the data?
Data Manipulation

Data Manipulation

  • Find useful comparisons
  • Attempt to answer questions
  • Create data groups or types
  • Clean-up data errors
  • Format database if one exists
Design Formats/Apps

Design Formats/Apps

  • BI vs. Tableau
  • Custom Python
  • Traditional graphic design


  • Bubble Cloud
  • Heat Map
  • Histograms
  • Scatter Plot (2D or 3D)
  • Dashboards
  • Infographics


  • Customization
  • Comparison Analysis
  • Modeling Options
  • Finding Outliers
  • A/B Testing
Data Tells a Story

Data Tells a Story

  • Animation Helps
  • Allow for User Customization
Data Visualization UI/UX Design
UI/UX Design

Data Visualization UI/UX Design

UI/UX design for a data visualization product is practically all we do anymore. Our approach to data visualization services begins with agreeing to a simple set of project and business goals, which sets the tone for the entire project.

Data Visualization Dashboard Design

Data Visualization Dashboard Design

Creating data visualization dashboards is how we have become one of the top data visualization agencies in the USA. This is particularly true of our work with healthcare data visualization, which serves up patient data for medical providers deliver better health outcomes.

Custom Data Visualization
Custom Design

Custom Data Visualization

Creating custom data visualizations is not as elaborate as it sounds, it’s really about creating filtering and tabular functional options that are able to manipulate big data visualizations on the fly and help organizations make better decisions in reaching their business goals.

Business Data Visualization

Business Data Visualization

Business intelligence data visualization becomes more important today. Whether you are need data visualization for business analytics and reports or are launching a new digital product, you will need data analytics design services to stay competitive.

Data Visualization Tools And Technologies We Use

Data visualization firms need a savvy group of experienced designers that are well versed in an ever growing list of technologies.






V Charts

Trading Vue.js





Power BI



Industries We
Create Data
Visualizations For

Industry Expertise

Industries We Create Data Visualizations For

Healthcare apps require data visualizations to be effective, as most care providers don’t have the time to read pages of information and need high level patient data that is easily consumable in minutes.


Mobile travel applications rely on data visualization design to help travelers make reservations, choose restaurants and guide them from point A to point B.

Transportation and Logistics

Fuselab Creative has become a leading UI/UX data visualization company for the transportation and telematics industries, helping truck fleet managers and transportation systems run efficiently via big data visualization services.

Real Estate
Real Estate

Real estate marketing and sales relies heavily on data to determine hot markets and our digital data visualization services team has helped several local and state agencies take decades of data and come up with creative data viz based products.

AI and ML

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are 100% reliant to data, and in most cases the end product involves big data visualization services to be truly effective.

Ecommerce and Retail

If you are managing a retail or ecommerce sales company of any kind getting daily data visualization reports can have an incredibly positive impact.

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Learn more about why we have focused so much time on creating breakthrough tools and products that rely on cutting-edge UI/UX data visualization design and development. Data visualization is well on its way to becoming a kind of foreign language that our UI/UX design team now speaks fluently!