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    What makes an experience unique? The answer is actually quite simple: make the experience memorable. Users have simply become numb to the majority of what they see and read online. Creating a lasting and positive impression is imperative.

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    We are the Best UX Design Consultant Because:

    We realize this quite a claim that we are making, but after 20 years of working in the world of digital communications, we feel confident we have the goods to back it up!

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    FuseLab Creative Identifies Real Problems

    Asking one simple question of our clients at the very start of every project helps get everyone on the right page: What problem(s) are we trying to solve with this project?

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    Create Original Design

    Solving problems through thoughtful design and effective messaging is where our team really finds it stride and shows are solid understanding of our client’s needs and our ability to deliver.

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    Prototype and Test Rapidly

    We’ve all fallen in love with our own designs at one point or another and lost sight of what we were trying to achieve. This is why early testing is so important, it helps us give up on designs, no matter how beautiful, and stick to achieving our goals.

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    Provide Mobile UI/UX Design Solutions

    Sometimes adaptive design is what is needed. As many people have no doubt noticed, responsive design does not solve all mobile and tablet issues, and sometimes, especially e-commerce sites, there is another level of design required.

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    Create Responsive Web Design

    “Make sure our site is super responsive.” Who has heard this one before? Everyone! However the truth is you need a team that understands that sometimes you need an adaptive design as well, and that responsive is not a one-size-fits all approach to web design.

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    Provide Quality Assurance

    QA, let’s face it, there is really nothing more important than having a solid QA process, and a team that is willing to rip everything apart to make sure what we have created will stand the test of time.

    Our UX Design Work

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    Dashboards, dashboards, and more dashboards, it seems like everyone is looking for dashboard system to help them control their work environment. This isn’t surprising given the amount of tablets have been sold in recent years. But we think it’s a only the beginning of a much larger trend and one that can’t be ignored.

    Our UX Company Offers:

    • Strategic Approach

      All strategy begins with the acquisition of an acute understanding of the audience(s) we are trying to reach and developing a audience-specific approach to fulfilling the needs of that audience.

    • Adapting Websites to Any Device

      Of course everyone loves to talk about responsive design and how important it is, but sometimes one approach does not fit all; this is when adaptive design is needed and FuseLab has a group of experts to guide you through every step of the way.

    • Functionality

      Choosing the right functionality that will result in the most effortless and intuitive experience possible is ubiquitous goal across all our digital projects at FuseLab, and it's also one of the things we do best.

    • Amazing Final Product

      Prepared to be surprised, we often tell our clients, We always try to meet the needs of our clients, but we also shoot for a little in the "I didn't expect this," department. An unexpected but pleasant surprise can cement a relationship with a new client.

    • Driven Design

      Unlike a lot of other digital agencies where content is somewhat of an after-thought, FuseLab Creative makes design and interface decisions based on your content. And if you need help developing engaging content, we can help with that too.

    Our Principals

    Marc Caposino

    CEO/Marketing Director

    Professional communications and marketing are now synonymous with the world of UX and UI design and digital interactive. After two decades of experience in the world of digital communications, I now feel as comfortable leading a website redesign effort as I do writing scripts for a video animation. On a basic level, my entire job is about creating unique ways to build more mutually beneficial relationships between our clients and those they serve.

    George Railean

    Principal/Creative UI/UX

    I am a consummate artist, consultant, hard worker, and trusted resource for the timely production of creative deliverables. I offer world-class UI / UX expertise and have produced complete website redesigns for American and European startups, large enterprises, federal and state government organizations, and non-profits.

    Vlad Vobu

    Digital Product Manager

    I’ve worked on many projects big and small, with clients ranging from big companies to start ups. But one thing has remained consistent and that is my passion for project management and my penchant for eyeing details and solving problems. As a project manager, your most important assets are knowledge and experience and I bring both of these to the table to bridge the gap between technical issues and business needs.


    Digital strategy is no longer a term saved for web development teams.

    Regardless of the type of project: branding, marketing campaign, or even community outreach, a digital strategy and an effective and comprehensive UX are required.

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