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There’s a lot of talk about user experience design and what it takes to create the most optimal user experience. However, one goal should remain at the top of every digital design consulting group’s checklist: Every functional element should match up 1-to-1 with a specific business goal for your client. This is how user experience design consulting firms grow a reputation for delivering not just a great design but a solid product.

Interface and User Experience
Design Consulting Services

UX/UI consulting services can sometimes feel like general business consulting. However, it’s actually much more difficult, as we are constantly trying to meet the business goals through digital design and development.

Design System Consulting DSC

Design System Consulting

Design systems are the pulmonary artery of any modern digital product. With a design system in hand, global changes can be made with one click, and the time spent managing large digital platforms has been exponentially reduced, saving users time and companies money.

Custom UI Design Consulting CDC

Custom UI Design Consulting

Whether it’s ChatGPT or some other kind of AI tool, the modern digital marketplace is filling up with shortcuts and templates to make our lives easier. However, the only way to differentiate your company and stand out from the herd is to employ a custom user interface design consulting agency.

Website Design Consulting WDC

Website Design Consulting

Web design consulting services should be focused on conversion on every page. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about the header or the iconography or photography, your design consultant should tell you how every visual element and functional action supports converting the visitor from a casual acquaintance to your next new client.

Data Visualization Consulting DVC

Data Visualization Consulting

Dashboard consulting services and data visualization are really interlocked and rely on each other for success. In many ways, data visualization has become a new form of language, one that speaks paragraphs within a single graphic and can inform critical decision-making in a matter of seconds.

Digital Product Design Consulting DPC

Digital Product Design Consulting

Digital product design consultants live a rather strange life. We are constantly trying to outdo what we did for our last client. Software design is actually quite similar to being an inventor. Each design is like creating a small universe unlike any other before. All app design consultancies also fall in this category as well, but their world is much more confined, and consequently requires a fine-tuned team to be effective.

Mobile App Design Consulting MDC

Mobile App Design Consulting

Android and iOS mobile apps UI/UX design consulting agencies abound, and everyone thinks they have what it takes to deliver on behalf of their clients. And maybe a lot of them do. However, there is one way to know if you have the right team in front of you. If they give you a cost estimate before doing a thorough discovery, then they are not an honest broker, or they just don’t know what they are doing.

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The future, the present, and the past.

UX and UI consulting requires an equal focus on design and functionality at the same time, holding each in mind and of equal value as you deliver the most optimal user experience possible. In order to do this, it is important to arrive at this work with a long history of knowledge and experience, as this is a balancing act this is rarely perfected.
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UX Strategy Services

The term “human-centered design” has been vastly overused; however, in UX strategy consulting, it could not be more important. User testing stands at the apex of the success or failure of every single project in our work.


UX research consulting services are so expansive, and constantly growing, that it’s easy to get lost. One barometer we find useful is to make a habit of tying all decisions back to a specific business requirement.

Usability Testing And Consulting

Acting as a consultant for accessibility and usability is obviously about creating the most intuitive experience possible, additionally, it is also about creating the quickest and most expedient route to a user’s goal.

UX Prototyping Consultancy

It’s a known fact that developers love fully functional prototypes, as this is best way to show our design intention. Yet, as a UX prototyping consultant creating prototypes is often skipped, as it it a lot of work, but it is ultimately to the future project’s peril.

Conversion Optimization Consulting

CRO consulting actually helps designers make decisions and steer away from falling in love with a design, and focus instead on the ability for the content and design to drive new customers for your client.

Industries We Love To Create Products For Industry Expertise

Transportation and Logistics

Being a user interface design consulting firm implies we understand all of the facets of interface design. This is true, but no interface design will test a design firm more than logistics, as the amount of data is practically endless and almost all of it needs to be communicated in a quickly digestible format and in real-time.


A large percentage of our work falls into the healthcare design arena, which gives us a great sense of purpose and drive to serve the medical community every day.


UX and UI consulting services for the travel industry change every day, as this industry is in a constant state of flux, which makes our work for this area challenging but also a lot of fun!

AI and ML

AI and ML design consulting is kind of like drinking out of a fire hose. So much is evolving and changing every day, it is a gold rush market where it can be daunting to keep up; this is also why we love working in this spacing so much.

Ecommerce and Retail

Design for e-commerce and retail sales now need to work hand-in-hand with little to no friction between the two. Take for instance the ability to make a return to a brick and mortar store with a purchase you made online, it’s simply just expected.

Real Estate
Real Estate

Real estate may be the apex of the e-commerce marketplace. As a digital product design agency, we have helped state and local real estate agencies grow through UX research and UI design experimentation. Simply put, the typical real estate customer now expects an almost in-person shopping experience online.

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George Railean

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For us, creative design consulting comes down to two primary focus areas, constant experimentation and linking all design solutions to business goals

Fuselab Creative Identifies Real Problems

Fuselab Creative Identifies Real Problems

Asking one simple question of our clients at the very start of every project helps get everyone on the right page: What problem(s) are we trying to solve with this project?

Create Original Design

Create Original Design

Solving problems through thoughtful design and effective messaging is where our team really finds its stride and shows our solid understanding of our client’s needs and our ability to deliver.

Prototype and Test Rapidly

Prototype and Test Rapidly

We’ve all fallen in love with our own designs at one point or another and lost sight of what we were trying to achieve. This is why early testing is so important, it helps us give up on designs, no matter how beautiful, and stick to achieving our goals.

Provide Mobile UI/UX Design Solutions

Provide Mobile UI/UX Design Solutions

Sometimes adaptive design is what is needed. As many people have no doubt noticed, responsive design does not solve all mobile and tablet issues, and sometimes, especially with e-commerce sites, there is another level of design required.

Create Responsive Web Design

Create Responsive Web Design

“Make sure our site is super responsive.” Who has heard this one before? Everyone! However, the truth is you need a team that understands that sometimes you need an adaptive design as well, and that responsive is not a one-size-fits all approach to web design.

Provide Quality Assurance

Provide Quality Assurance

QA, let’s face it, there is really nothing more important than having a solid QA process, and a team that is willing to rip everything apart to make sure what we have created will stand the test of time and deliver as expected.

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UX consulting is a moving target, one well worth chasing.

Every blog we publish at Fuselab is another attempt to add our two cents to the general design industry canon and to also educate where we can for those who are new to the space or just curious. As the key principle implies, human-centered design is the pursuit of designing for humans. Simple, right?
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