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UI/UX Design

There’s a lot of teams that promote UX services, but in FuseLab UX agency we assign several UI designers and a UX expert to every project. We believe competition breeds excellence, this is why we create at least three unique design strategies, by three different designers for every project before we present anything to clients. Fuselab Creative offers best UX consulting services in DC area.

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User Interface Design

Intuitive and easy-of-use interface design is your best branding tool available. Fuselab Creative UI agency approach to great UI is grounded by the pursuit of finding the nexus between the sublime design and functionality. More than half of your users will never return after a difficult experience on your platform--let’s not let that happen ever again.

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Data Visualization

Data has now become a commodity more valuable than any natural resource. However, only through interpretation, or strategic and clearly articulated Data Visualization does the value of data become universally understood. Dashboard design is an information tool necessary to visualize the info better. The dashboard system design is the next thing to focus on your business goal.

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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

CRO is exploding! Companies spend billions on SEO but spend very little to convert visitors. CRO requires a team with distinct skill-sets to be successful; it requires the creation of multiple versions of pages, user-testing, neuroscience, and deployment of UX/UI designs based on collected data and research.

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Digital Product Design

Interactive products require not one but an entire suite of services and experts. It doesn't matter if it's an enterprise SaaS product, small mobile application or web app design. The need to create modern, user-friendly, and simple applications comes down the perfect combination of architecture, understanding the target market, data visualization, and intuitively designed user flows.

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Design System

Get this straight, a style guide is not a Design System. Our design systems break down into individual coded design elements that can be used by the most novice staff members. Depending on the project our systems can include color palettes, typography, spacing guidance, sizing (pixel ratios), images, pattern libraries, and much, much more.

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