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We choose staff based on talent of course, but we also choose people we want to spend with.

Part of every successful project requires the gathering of a team that is as good at their job as they are at having fun together.

We are inventors by trade.

It’s the breaching of the unknown that we love about the start of every new project, but it’s the love for experimentation that brings us to work every day with the hope that we will build something revolutionary.

Presenting our work is always a little nerve-racking, which is why we over-prepare.

Respecting our client’s time is only part of the reason we do this, we simply just love seeing that moment when a presentation moves away from something routine and enters into inspired ideation.

Variety is the spice of life, so they say . . .

Working with us can be a little frustrating, as our designers love to overwhelm with options. Creating a solid design direction for any project is a reductive process, starting wide and narrowing down to a laser-like focus upon a shared goal.

Digital Product
Design Company Creation

a 2017

March 16, 2017

Fuselab Creative Officially Opens its Doors in Northern Virginia

After almost a year of planning and strategizing about what the ideal Digital Agency would look like, the partners of Fuselab made their vision a reality.
The number one goal behind Fuselab, during this critical launch point, was the desire to create a design shop that spends every single day attempting to deliver better User Experiences through solid research, real human-centered design, and an overall personal and professional commitment to providing clients imaginative solutions that surpass expectations.

b 2018

First State Health Data Contract

CRISP - Chesapeake Regional Information System for our Patients

In 2019, Fuselab won a statewide RFP competition to become the CRISP agency of record. This contract led to a myriad of work, including web application building, interface design, animation explainer videos, and in-depth graphic design for marketing and communications.

c 2019

100% Interface Design

Data is Now a Form of Currency

As Fuselab began taking on more and more clients that were looking for a front-end interface design agency to create user interfaces that were actually usable, we decided that Interface Design, particularly those for large data systems, should be our primary market. Too many existing systems still require lengthy training and trial and error; whereas Fuselab continues to build dashboards that need no explanation, and where every significant element is clickable.

d 2019

Year of Major Brand Contracts

Mozilla & Uber 2019

Fuselab was selected to design Common Voice for Mozilla, as they attempted to record the human voice in all its accents and languages- https://commonvoice.mozilla.org/en.
UX/UI for one of the most recognized digital brands in the world. Additionally, we were tasked with helping to design several of the landing pages for the latest version of their Firefox browser. UX/UI for Uber, one of the most recognized transportation brands in the world. Additionally, this is a mobile app that is 100% dependent on ease of use in almost every environment imaginable.

e 2020

A Focus on Health

Referral MD, Bearn & Mission Go

Working to improve people’s health is a privilege, and in 2020 Fuselab had the honor of working with some cutting-edge health organizations attempting to achieve some enormously ambitious goals:
➀ ReferralMd, one of our longest-standing clients, needed an update to their patient data platform, which attempts to close the referral and management gap between providers, specialists, and patients.
➁ Bearn: A mobile app that pays users to burn calories.
➂ Mission Go: Tablet application design for transporting human organs via drone.

f 2020

FLC: Wins Contract for Project on Government Oversight

POGO: Covid Government Spending Tracker - Tracking Every Dollar Spent on Covid Relief

After a competition with some of the best UX/UI agencies in the region, Fuselab Creative was awarded an amazing opportunity to work with a legendary government watchdog organization. The project would become one of our biggest ever, ultimately requiring some of our top data science partners and the structuring of a new database that includes over 17 million rows of data.
The objective was to document the spending of every dollar by the U.S. government on Covid-19. This includes contracts, purchases, grants, and loans. And then filter this data by state, county, zip code, demographic, unemployment rate, and industry. The final product is constantly evolving as new spending takes place, and our pride in being part of the team that produces this vital tool has consistently grown as well.

g 2021

Interface & Health

Where Data Access Can Result in Life or Death

There is no place on earth where access to correct and timely data is more critical than in the healthcare industry.
This is just one of many reasons that in 2021 Fuselab has attempted to focus a great deal of effort on supporting those that have selflessly helped others stay alive during one of the most difficult years in our history with a patient data interface and dashboards meant to provide medical providers the information they need and within one or two clicks.
Covid-19 has changed a lot of things, but possibly the most obvious change is that many of us will never take our healthcare system for granted, let’s hope it stays this way . . .

h 2022

The Grid-Nostalgia

Giannis Antetokounmpo Jersey NFT

2022 marks the year of our first NFT adventure. Working with a group of Crypto Currency experts, NFT investors, and sports memorabilia enthusiasts made this project unlike any other. Oh, and working with the NBA brand wasn’t too bad either.
This jersey from Giannis Antetokounmpo’s fifth and title clinching game of the NBA finals was an inspiration to all of us. Our product design team approached the UX/UI with a digital strategy commensurate with one of the most well known brands in the world, and created a design system that will undoubtedly set a new standard in the NFT sales market for years to come.

We Love To Create
Products For

Industry Expertise

We take great pride in the extensive digital healthcare product designs we have created and how this industry is revolutionizing the way we interact with the medical provider community.

Fuselab has designed for services, such as Uber, and small worldwide GPS tourist guide services. Intuitive mobile apps require an expert approach to UX/UI design and are now a primary service at Fuselab.

Digital dashboard design for real-time analytics, vehicle tracking, and communications is vital to the telematics and logistics industry. Our clients Geotab and Automatize are leading the industry with design by Fuselab.

Real Estate

How we shop for new homes is now completely dependent on the digital platforms, many of which we have designed, helping users view homes remotely and realtors interact with potential buyers.

Fuselab clients Grid.ai and Mozilla are using our design systems to rollout new products and build machine learning platforms that are changing how we do research and communicate with digital assistants.

We all shop online, some of us practically everyday. Our designs for the NBA NFts, new and used tire market, and Nike sportwear employ engaging effortless user experiences promoting huge brands.


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Fuselab Creative projects have been recognized by designers and experts across all digital diciplines:


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POGO Covid-19 Spending Tracker
January 5th, 2021

Community Engagement

Board Member, Marketing Group Lead
Fairfax Futures Board
November 12th, 2022
Membership Committee
Innovation Committee for the Chamber of Commerce
March 1st, 2022


U.S. General Service Administration
October 5th, 2022


Alex Rose

Head of People & Operations, Grid.ai

“Fuselab Creative’s designs have transformed the product into a more polished version, and the client is impressed with the team’s ability to work as a business partner. They integrate well into the client’s team processes, and they provide the ML expertise necessary for the success of the project.”

Leslie Garvey

Creative Director, POGO

“Despite a tight deadline, the team proved their expertise by taking complicated data and transforming it into a user-friendly and well-designed web app. Fuselab Creative’s passion and dedication to the project led to a fruitful collaboration that ensured the fulfillment of the nonprofit’s missions.”

Daniel Young

Senior Product Manager, Geotab

“Our traffic data since doing an overhaul of our website has almost doubled. The team did a complete overhaul of the website. They handled everything from the discovery process onward, including identifying solutions, creating prototypes and wireframes, and designing iterations.”

Ivan Strouchliak

CMO , Utires

“We hired Fuselab for UI/UX. Challenge: creating a unique modern UI/UX design in a competitive tire industry. We “calibrated” the design requirements, after which both teams got to hard work. The feedback loops in instant with changes implemented the same or the next day for smaller items, and within a few days for bigger tasks.”

Sher Chaudhary

CEO, Playground Studios

“They’re 10/10; they hit me up every day to keep me updated on the progress. Their constant updates and talented team are two of the things that stand out from their work. They understand my vision easily in a small amount of time, which is difficult.”

Robert Ludke

President, Handshake

“I highly recommend Fuselab Creative services. I recently worked with their website development team on the website for my firm. FuseLab’s team is creative, thoughtful and delivers a quality product.”

Lisa Fikes

Executive Director, Arlington Care

“It’s my pleasure to recommend Fuselab Creative services. I recently worked with their team and have nothing but positive things to say about their creativity, professionalism, and ability to deliver. They care about making a difference in the community!”

Karen Randall


“Wow, I’m blown away! We thought we had all our ideas fleshed out and ready, until we saw what was possible with Fuselab Creative! Whether you’re at the beginning of the creative process or just updating with a new message, they deliver results beyond your expectations, at a fair price, with clear and reliable communications. Highly recommended!”

Michaela Pratt

President & CEO

“Fuselab Creative services recently worked magic on our Annual Report. They were a true pleasure working with, and were genuinely interested in supporting us and understanding our organizations specific needs. We highly recommend them and will use them again!”

Ben Dafty


“It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Fuselab. From beginning to end, the team listened to our specific needs and took everything we said on board. We ended up with a product which reflected what we had envisioned to a T. Will be used again. Cheers.”

Wes Stinchcomb

Director, Brand Activation and Integration at Contrast & Co

“FuseLab Creative is a joy to work with. From concept to execution, they are professional, creative and most of all responsive. I would highly recommend any organization looking for design, development or overall creative solutions to consider Fuselab.”

Ryan Flood

Marketing Director

“Fuselab always gets the job done! No matter how big or small the task Marc and his staff complete with the utmost professionalism.”

Chimmy Lee

Design Director

“FuseLab is a well organized, incredibly creative and easy to work with agency, highly recommended.”

Jonathan Govette

Founder / CEO

“Great job with our design and web work project.”