Medical and Healthcare UX/UI Design Services

Fuselab is now one of the top UX/UI digital product design agencies in the Washington, D.C. region. We provide unrivaled healthcare dashboard design and medical app design services.

Healthcare UX/UI Design Agency

The role of design in digital products for healthcare is becoming more critical every day. As a UX/UI design agency for the healthcare industry, our role is to create efficiencies and direct paths to more informed and effective decisions, leading to better health outcomes. Contact the best healthcare UX designers in Washington DC.

Medical and Healthcare UI/UX Design Services

Healthcare UX/UI
Design Reel

The power of technology to create better health outcomes is a game-changer, and as healthcare UX designers we take great pride in our contribution to these vital services.

Healthcare Digital
Design Process

The process is similar to other digital products, with one big difference: other products don’t usually help people live longer! From the moment we decided to focus on the healthcare space we found a sense of purpose that has been truly addictive and meaningful beyond anything we could have imagined.

1. User Analytics

1. User Analytics

  • Heat Maps
  • Bounce Rates
  • Common Flows
  • Target Market Patterns
  • Effectiveness of Forms
  • Heat Mapping
  • Drop-off Points
2. Business Problems

2. Business Problems

  • Define Current Issues
  • List Problem Features
  • User-loss Trends
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Successful Traffic Patterns
  • Industry Changes
  • Customer Expectations
3. Desired Outcomes

3. Desired Outcomes

  • Acquisition
  • Activation
  • Retention
  • Revenue
  • Referrals

Healthcare and Medical Design Examples

Fuselab Creative understands the unique needs of the healthcare community and how patient data is simply the lifeblood of every decision and health outcome. We are attempting to improve data visualization and UX/UI design for this particularly critical market every day, and over time it has become more than work for us, it is what gets us up each morning and inspires us to work harder on behalf of those that help people across the world get healthy and stay healthy regardless of what challenges they may be facing in their health journey.

Medical Device Live Scanning
Digestive Analysis Report Dashboard
MediTalk - Health Chatbot Interface Design
Chest X-rays AI Technology

Why choose
Fuselab Creative for

UI/UX design for

Running a healthcare design agency carries with it a different kind of pressure, but the good news is that we thrive under this pressure because it gives what we do a level of relevance that is uncommon in our line of work. When Fuselab was first launched we worked on every type of project and in every industry imaginable. Now more than 60% of our work is focused solely on serving the healthcare community with UX/UI design, data visualization, and application design and development services, and to be honest, we would not have it any other way!

Experience XP


What our experience has taught us is that all the ups and downs of our past has made us the right team for this work. Who would have thought that producing thousands of dashboards for every type of data in the world would one day lead to helping doctors and nurses care for patients across the world.

Human-centered design HCD

Human-centered design

Every design project at Fuselab begins by focusing on the human behind the screen. Our curiosity for how to continuously improve our UX/UI research and design on behalf of demanding users is how we produce some of the most usable EHR systems on the market.

Creativity CRT


We believe that at the heart of every design solution that actually impacts people’s lives is a group of open minded creatives that are willing to experiment endlessly until the perfect solution is found. Then, and only then, do we present our work to clients.

Dedication DDC


Dedication is more than it sounds, it is as much about admitting our mistakes, being willing to throw out as much work as we keep, and understanding that falling in love with the medical UI doesn’t mean the UX is worth keeping. We are dedicated to the process as much as the solution, we must be to consistently produce transformational solutions.

Our Healthcare Work Examples

The future, the present, and the past.

The UX design work below is in no way our exhaustive list of completed projects. What you see here is a smattering of examples of the work we have done over the years for the healthcare community.
Industry / Project Services

Our Healthcare and Medical UI/UX
Design Services

How successful UX design for healthcare providers is created relies heavily on two key factors: 1. Access to users for significant rounds of user testing, and 2. A long history of experience working on behalf of the medical provider community and understanding their particular challenges.

Medical App UI Design

User interface design for healthcare applications is unlike an entertainment or news app design. It needs to create effortless access to critical health information and do so without error or confusion. Health app UX/UI design plays an essential role by creating intuitive touch navigation and effortless UX for medical apps used constantly across the medical provider fields.

Medical App UI Design

Custom Healthcare App Design And Development

Advanced healthcare app design and development offers the medical community access to critical patient data and extensive management services. Whether it’s a modern scheduling system for a surgery center, or a patient appointment scheduler for a family practitioner, mobile and web app development creates a better way to care for patients.

Custom Healthcare App Design And Development

Medical And Healthcare Dashboard Design

Dashboard design for healthcare focuses on organizing data in the most usable format possible. Healthcare analytics are used to push the most critical information forward and provide doctors with quality and real-time data at exactly the moment they need it most.

Medical And Healthcare Dashboard Design

Healthcare Data Visualization

Medical data visualization may be one of the fastest growing sectors in the data viz space. Clinical data can be summarized and communicated to providers through recognizable medical iconography and visualizations in seconds, instead of spending endless amounts of wasted time having to comb through pages of traditional information charts.

Healthcare Data Visualization

Medical Website Design Services

Custom healthcare web design requires a unique balance of skills. UI experts and creative design and development staff at Fuselab have come together to build one of the leading healthcare website design agencies in the country. We are now working with top medical providers and data scientists in California and the Washington, D.C. region to help the healthcare community improve the quality of care from coast to coast.

Medical Website Design Services

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