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Web applications have changed the way work and live. When was the last time you loaded software via a CD? Please don't ask what a CD is?

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    FuseLab takes great pride in developing web applications that make a positive impact in people’s lives. We worked extensively in the HealthIT space, helping doctors better refer patients, and in higher education, helping students select majors based on possible career options, and the list goes on.

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    We Love Helping Businesses Thrive Through Excellent:

    Invariably we find ourselves becoming business consultants during our web application design projects. Internal organizational issues, opinions, and goals are forced to the surface during our research and discovery meetings and consequently we often help organizations clearly articulate who they are and where they are headed prior to launching their new endeavor.

    1. Design strategy

    You would never build a house without architectural drawings, and the same thinking holds true of web application design. We spend a great deal of time verifying goals, expectations, and understanding the target audience before we even begin thinking about design style or elements.

    2. Flawless user-flows

    No one brushes their teeth and then eats dessert and goes to bed. There is a sequence to our actions and creating intuitive navigational user flows is a big key to creating systems that stand the test of time and serve users with the kind of ease-of-use that they have come to expect.

    3. Engaging design

    Design impacts our lives in ways that we are completely unaware of. Immediately after entering a person’s home we react positively or negatively to the environment. And the better the design, the more likely a user will stay and look around–design grabs our attention and makes us want to see more.

    Benefits of Hiring a Professional Graphic Design Firm in DC:

    Yeah we know your cousin has gotten pretty good at photoshop, but don't do it! Your company deserves better than that. Let FuseLab Creative show you what it's like to work with artists that consistently surprise and delight our clients.

    Message Driven

    Some designers insert text like a builder pours cement–its just about filling in the holes. We start with your content, messaging, and communications goals and build our designs around these elements to support, enhance, and create memorable interactions.

    SEO Friendly

    Not all designers are aware of how design can actually impede SEO. All of our designers are SEO experts and actually consider how to increase SEO with everything we create, knowing that almost all work is about getting attention and engagement from visitors online. Search UX UI Design Agency Tysons Corner, and we where we rank for proof that we know what we’re talking about.


    Solid design automatically creates a sense of legitimacy to your site, brochure, or your online ad. It draws people’s attention before they have read one word; as our brains comprehend visuals much more readily than words, and the emotions created by these visuals often will subconsciously dictate whether or not we actually engage with the content and read the words/messaging included in the design.

    Professional Design Services

    Our design team is now supporting clients with digital and print design, illustration, animation, virtual and augmented reality, and corporate identity packages. All of our design team are veterans of the industry and are experts in their respective areas of design. We believe that good design can make a huge difference helping people to understand difficult information, inspire people to take action, and promote your organization in ways you may never have considered before.

    Unique Design

    In the world of marketing we talk about differentiators about every five minutes. It’s one of those things that cannot be overlooked when figuring out how to stand out among your competition. This is where a unique design approach is an absolute must. People often do not remember what they have read, but they will remember how they felt when they saw your messaging, and a big part of how they felt, inspired or not, relies on a unique design approach that makes people stop and take notice.

    Save Time and Money

    There was a time when having a talented sales staff was an indisputable requirement for any company that wanted to be successful. In some cases this staff need has been completely replaced by a professional website and a strategic online marketing approach. Articulate messaging and engaging design do the legwork for the modern organization, saving us an enormous amount of time and money. Let FuseLab show you how to make the most of your marketing and communications through expert design.

    5 Rules for Creating Intuitive Web Apps

    • Hierarchy of Options

      Whether it's through the use of color, font, or weight, options for users need to be created with the understanding that people should not have to read thoroughly to figure out what functions are more important than others, or simply more permanent, such as "delete all."

    • Simplify User Flows

      User flows are at the core of smart web app design. Smart user flow takes into account the expectations of users and then simplifies these down into the visual and the actionable. The Divi template for Wordpress is a great example of smart user flow.

    • Cues Count

      What differentiates static, unintuitive or clunky design from truly smart design? It's how you communicate through the details. Even if a user isn't consciously noticing the myriad design decisions and flows that comprise their experience of an app, it all serves to make that experience seamless.

    • Guide Behavior, Don't Force it

      Remember that when a user logs in, they're only interested in a dashboard including the most relevant functions of the app. That means, the dashboard should offer them everything they need to take the primary action and accomplish their primary objective.

    • Think In Terms of Maps

      Your interface design can be clean, uncluttered, clear and simple. But if its functions are not explicit, your user will quickly become frustrated and leave. Remember that a web app is both a tool and an environment.

    Dashboard / Interface Web Apps Work

    Latest projects

    What you quickly realize when creating an effective dashboard or application, you quickly realize that all your web development skills will be tested well beyond the typical web project. See some of our more recent successful projects below.


    Digital strategy is no longer a term saved for web development teams.

    Regardless of the type of project: branding, marketing campaign, or even community outreach, a digital strategy and an effective and comprehensive UX are required.

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    Data Visualization Is Changing How We See

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    Graphic Design vs Digital Design: What’s the Difference?

    Graphic Design vs Digital Design: What’s the Difference?

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    UI Design and The Quiet Rise of Conversational AI

    UI Design and The Quiet Rise of Conversational AI

    However, the rise of truly conversational AI is that it won’t need you to design for conversations — it’ll spark conversations instead.

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