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    FuseLab looks at things a little different. We build web experiences that are 100% focused on the user and user needs. This approach guarantees a positive user experience and return visitors.

    Some call our approach Human-Centered Design, we call it common sense.

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    About Us and YOU

    Fueled by your dreams is not just our tagline, it is a recognition of what inspires us, which is making our clients dream come true.

    The FuseLab Way

    FuseLab is as much of a philosophy as it is a creative agency. Our approach to business is about doing work that surprises people with unexpected clarity, making their life a little easier through intuitive UI, inspiring action through motivational messaging and propelling brand recognition through beautiful design.

    Our Approach to UX Design

    Our approach to UX design centers around three key questions: 1. Utility-does the site provide what the user needs? 2. Usability-how easy and enjoyable is the site to use? 3. Usefulness-is the combination of usability and utility successful enough to create a small contribution to a users quality of life?

    Our Professional Experience

    We employ a agency-wide commitment to experimentation and contagious creativity.

    We can’t help but gravitate toward those projects that are attempting to leave a positive mark on the world. Obviously, this is not always possible, but our experience has taught us that companies that have positive change in their DNA are the kind of agencies that are most receptive to our creative approach.

    UI/UX Design Solutions

    Only with a sophisticated UX team can user data become the catalyst toward creating something beautiful.

    Calling All Non-Profits!

    In celebration of our first year in business, FuseLab is giving back with 30 free design hours per month for non-profits and cause-oriented organizations. If that’s you, check out our site and submit your project.

    Content Driven Design

    Many digital agencies leave content out of the equation when developing site design. We let content drive design and therefore put our clients products and services in front of our approach at all times.

    Top-3 Web Design Company on Behance

    It’s one thing to be recognized for doing great work, but it is always especially inspiring to be recognized by your peers across the world; otherwise known as Behance members.


    We create memorable experiences for our clients that incite action, motivate people to think, and create lasting change.

    UI/UX Design

    Your site content and services are literally the only reasons your users come to your site. Consequently, we base all our design and functionality decisions upon best serving your content needs and satisfying your user goals with engaging design and intuitive functionality.

    Marketing & Communications

    Effective marketing and communications work has the ability to create a mutually beneficial relationship, something that can be built upon for years to come.

    Graphic Design & Illustration

    The power of great design cannot be overstated when it comes to communicating on the web. In fact, if you ask us, design and copy are both equally important forms of language and need to be treated as such.

    Video Production

    Storytelling will always be an important part of “sticky” messaging, and it’s hard to come up with a better medium for effective messaging than video and video animation.

    Mobile & Web App Development

    One-click calling, clicking for directions or sharing a photo–the list goes on and on, and the expectation is a seamless experience meant to make life easier. Mobile is part of our lifeblood at FuseLab, it’s how we work and live every day.


    Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are both important services that we have recently added to our offering, and are already having a huge impact on how we construct and deliver powerful and memorable user experiences.

    Our Work

    Latest projects

    The work featured here is a small sampling of our recent website development work. Visit our public site to see some of our recent digital animation completed for a identity theft client, our virtual reality work for Doctors Without Borders, and our blog to get to know our perspectives on UX/UI design and what we have been thinking about lately.


    Digital strategy is no longer a term saved for web development teams.

    Regardless of the type of project: branding, marketing campaign, or even community outreach, a digital strategy and an effective and comprehensive UX are required.

    Why Your Digital Product Needs a UX Audit

    Why Your Digital Product Needs a UX Audit

    Reach out to our UX design consultants today to discuss your needs, and let’s make that slick user experience a reality.

    The Future of Digital Product Design

    The Future of Digital Product Design

    We’ve seen this firsthand at Fuselab Creative digital product design agency. Also, as a dashboard and interface design agency, we help businesses begin with digital first, designing new products around the software that powers it up.

    Data Visualization Is Changing How We See

    Data Visualization Is Changing How We See

    To learn more about data visualization best practices and and how these can support business intelligence and insights, visit Fuselab Creative. 

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