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Mobile application design services is now approximately 50% of what we are doing at Fuselab Creative. IOS and Android mobile apps are changing the way travel, eat, exercise, and monitor our health, to name only a few of the industries our mobile app designers are currently working on.

Mobile Application Design Agency

Fuselab is one of the best mobile app design agencies in the D.C. region. Our design team is now working for numerous leading health an wellness start-ups as well as established brands and government agencies across the country. Hiring a the right mobile app developer can be a difficult task, so we’d like to make it easy, take a look at our work samples below, pick the project you like the best and let’s start a dialogue about how we can do the level of quality work for you. See, it’s not so hard.

Mobile App UI/UX
Design Services

Our mobile app UI/UX design agency portfolio below is just a small sample of our work. If you don’t see your industry here, just ask us to see more.

Mobile App Interface Design
Travel Mobile App Design

Mobile App
Design Process

Our mobile application design process follows a strict sequential development of mobile app design elements and services to continously confirm our requirements, user goals, and business objectives.

Mobile App Discovery

Mobile App Discovery

  • What kind of data is there?
  • What does the data show?
  • What can do with the data?
  • What is of value in the data?
  • Who is the target audience(s)?
Product Research for Mobile App Market

Product Research for Mobile App Market

  • User Research
  • Personas
  • User Behaviors
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Data Analysis
Mobile App Planning & Strategy

Mobile App Planning & Strategy

  • Project/Product Goals
  • Resource Allocation
  • Project Planning
  • Documentation
  • Ideation
Creation & App Design

Creation & App Design

  • Sketches
  • Wireframes
  • Use Case Flows
  • Functionality
  • Low & Fidelity Layouts
  • Prototyping
  • A/B Testing
User Testing

User Testing

  • Usability Testing
  • Evaluation
  • Beta launch
  • Final User Feedback
  • Heuristic Evaluations
  • Final Refinements


  • Ordering
  • Packaging
  • Documentation
  • Rollout Plan
  • Go Live
  • Project Lessons / Debrief

Data Visualization Portfolio

Industry / Project Services

iOS App Design

IOS mobile app design and development services is a huge part of our portfolio now. Luckily, we have been doing this kind of work since the launch of the Apple App Store, and we are now ranked as one of the top IOS app UI/UX design agencies across the D.C. region.

iOS App Design<br />Services

Android App Design

Android mobile app design and development services is not much different than IOS, however, there are differences and it takes a veteran team like Fuselab Creative to deliver what you need. One of the major decisions companies face early on in the mobile app development process is building a native app, a web app, or a hybrid of the two. We know, it gets confusing, don’t worry, we can help.

Android App Design<br />Services

Custom Mobile App
Design Agency

As a custom mobile application design and development agency, we understand the ever-evolving market and are constantly exploring the latest technologies and UI/UX strategies to stay ahead of the market for our clients.

Custom Mobile App<br />Design Agency

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Mobile App Designing
Tools And Technologies
We Use

The mobile app marketplace is never idle and always evolving, this is why staying up on the latest mobile app UI/UX design tools and strategies is a daily task for us at Fuselab.



Adobe Ilustrator

Adobe Ilustrator

Adobe XD

Adobe XD







Industries We Love to Create
Mobile Apps For Industry Expertise


Our approach to medical and healthcare mobile app design seeks to find the nexus between high-level data transference and simple usability for busy providers.


Travel mobile app design is booming, and is now turning to a more user-generated data model in combination with GIS location services, reviews, and self guided tours.

Transportation and Logistics

Mobile app design for logistics and transportation agencies closes the loop between desktop applications, geo locators and mechanical responders, creating a more efficient system for fullfillment and transportation agencies.

Real Estate
Real Estate

Selling real estate now relies on easy to use real estate mobile app design to survive in a market that is always expanding and experimenting with new ways to sell real estate via mobile devices and applications.

AI and ML

AI and ML are changing the way we use data and information for practically everything we do in our daily lives. Strategic AI mobile app design is the key to creating usable tools and systems to help people live more productive and healthier lives.

Ecommerce and Retail

Who doesn’t shop online? No one, that’s who. Fuselab has an extensive history as an ecommerce and retail mobile app design agency, and has built successful ecommerce designs for retail, food manufacturing, real estate, and many other industries.

FAQs About
Fuselab Mobile

Application Design Services

How long does it take to build a mobile application?

There is no predictable amount of time for mobile app design, in fact, when hiring a mobile app design firm be weary of companies promising unrealistic delivery schedules, as they are most like planning on cutting corners and not living up to the project scope. Having said all of this, any significant project seeking to follow mobile app design best practices is going to take a minimum of six months and more likely one year of actual design and development work.

Why are mobile app UI and UX so important?

There’s one simple reason for this and one complex reason. This simple reason is that custom mobile app design firms often need to create a usable interface design that users of all ages, demographics, and technical sophistication levels. The more complicated answer is that UI/UX follows a design protocol of checks and balances between usability, design, and functional requirements. It’s a process that runs constant user testing to validate progress and deliver a mobile app that is not just immediately usable but is also intuitive and effortless to use.

What is your approach to project management and transparency?

We’ve been doing mobile app design long enough to know that surprises can be the death of a project’s future success, unless the surprise involves early delivery or a reduction in cost. Knowing this we literally give our clients access to every platform we use. They can watch in real-time as designs are developed; see project scheduling and delegation take place within our team, and communicate with us at any moment to voice their opinions on what we are doing, and help us make decisions along the way.

How much does it cost to design a mobile app?

The answer to this is simple and impossible to answer. The simple answer is that cost is in direct relation to the amount of unique functionalities required to achieve the goals of the proposed application. To come up with a mobile app design price for clients we first begin with an exhaustive UX discovery process. After developing a requirements report, user stories, low-fidelity wireframes, and persona specifc use cases, we arrive at place where a mobile app design firm can produce a formal and trustworthy mobile app design cost estimation.

How is mobile app UX design different from desktop UX design?

Of course the obvious answer to this question is the screen size, but it’s so much more than that. Most people have heard about responsive design which take a desktop application or website and stretches it vertcially, staking most of the content to create a more readable environment. However, not everyone has heard of adaptive design which requires specific design layouts for each device size. A mobile app design company must understand these principles and have knowledge of both, while also understanding the functional possibilities of custom UI/UX mobile app design and development, as this is the next level and the ultimate challenge for a digital design agency.

What are the top 3 mobile app design best practices?

The most difficult and most important best practice is to establish a regular and ongoing schedule for user testing. And equally important is the need to find several different types of potential users. The second best practice is to involve the development team as much as possible during the initial design phase of the project, which will save quite a few headaches down the road and create a stronger UI/UX mobile design application foundation and pave the way for a highly functional mobile app design system. Lastly, is the practice of creating well documented wireframes, leaving no function without a detailed expliantion and hopefully a solid set of clickable prototypes for the development team.

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