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There are a multitude of audiences that all have diverse needs, such as brokers, sellers, agents, property managers, and last but not least the customers. Solid UX/UI design needs to consider these audiences and key factors, such as user-friendliness, visually appealing, and effective messaging.

Real Estate Design Agency

To run a successful real estate design company, or at least one that offers UX/UI design for this unique industry, there is no factor more important than a staff-wide focus on human-centered design.

Fuselab Creative Reel

The reel below is a plethora of recent project samples from various industries we serve. If you would like to see more real estate project samples, just drop us a line at [email protected].

Real Estate App

Design Process

UI design in the real estate market is kind of like creating your own polished showroom. In the same way the agents stage a house to perfection, our designers create attempt to create the most sophisticated and user-friendly experience possible for our clients. The three key areas of focus below come from our general practice of Lean UX. In a nutshell, it begins and ends with a consistent focus business needs and user objectives at every stage in the design lifecycle.

1. User Analytics

1. User Analytics

  • Heat Maps
  • Bounce Rates
  • Common Flows
  • Target Market Patterns
  • Effectiveness of Forms
  • Heat Mapping
  • Drop-off Points
2. Business Problems

2. Business Problems

  • Define Current Issues
  • List Problem Features
  • User-loss Trends
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Successful Traffic Patterns
  • Industry Changes
  • Customer Expectations
3. Desired Outcomes

3. Desired Outcomes

  • Acquisition
  • Activation
  • Retention
  • Revenue
  • Referrals

Real Estate UI/UX Application
Design Enhancements

Personalization and AI Integration PAI

Personalization and AI Integration

Personalized Recommendations:
Leveraging AI to provide users with personalized property recommendations based on past search behaviors, climate preferences, family size, and things as personal as access to dog parks.

Smart Chatbots and Virtual Assistants:
Implementing AI-powered chatbots to assist users with scheduling viewings, and the ability to answer questions in real-time on unique requests such as how strict the current HOA rules are about improvements.

Immersive Experiences IE

Immersive Experiences

Virtual and Augmented Reality:
Integrating VR and AR technologies to offer virtual property tours, allowing users to explore properties remotely with a sense of actually stepping through the property, opening doors and examining every corner of their potential new home.

3D Property Models:
Utilizing creatively designed 3D models and interactive floor plans to provide detailed views of properties, giving the user the ability to truly imagine what life would be like in this completely new environment.

Advanced Search and Filtering ASF

Advanced Search and Filtering

Voice Search:
Implementing voice search capabilities to make it easier for users to find properties using natural language queries. This will become the go-to search functionality as typing becomes more and more obsolete.

Enhanced Filtering Options:
Providing advanced filtering options such as neighborhood amenities, school districts, demographics of current residents, commute times, and interesting details like frequency of yard sales.

Mobile-First Design MFD

Mobile-First Design

Responsive and Adaptive Design:
Ensuring the design is mobile-first, with a seamless experience across different devices and screen sizes, while also creating unique designs for small screen as needed.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs):
Developing PWAs to combine the best features of websites and mobile apps, offering a smooth, app-like experience without requiring a download. This is the next step in responsive design for all of us to be ready to implement on any project.

User-Centric Design UCD

User-Centric Design

Intuitive Navigation:
Focusing on simplifying navigation with clear, user-friendly menus, and intuitive user flows is just the beginning. Understanding the psychology of our users and what they are used to seeing can be just as important.

Interactive Elements:
Utilizing micro-interactions, animations, and engaging UI elements to enhance user engagement and enjoyment while using the app will always be one of the keys to bringing users back to your app on a regular usage cycle.

Data Visualization DV

Data Visualization

Market Trends and Insights:
Incorporating data visualization tools to present market trends, property price history, and neighborhood statistics in an easily digestible format that makes use of data viz, and visual storytelling helps lesson the burden of extensive copy reading, but will require an extensive database build.

Interactive Maps:
Using interactive maps with geolocation features, unexpected real life photography mixed with property nearby amenities, neighborhood details, and quality of life data helps to give users a wholistic picture of their dream life.

Social and Community Features SCF

Social and Community Features

User Reviews and Ratings:
Including user reviews and ratings for everything from luxury properties to utility closets will provide shoppers to gather their own social proof, while also helping to build trust with the agent.

Community Insights:
Offering community insights, such as neighborhood guides, local events, and resident recommendations on what events are worth attending and what each neighborhood may really be known for can be a tremendous connection point for users.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Features SEFF

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Features

Green Building Information:
Who isn’t concerned with sustainability these days? Highlighting eco-friendly features of sites or properties, such as energy-efficient appliances, solar panels, and sustainable building materials all have their place in today’s market.

Sustainability Scores:
Providing sustainability scores or certifications to help users identify environmentally friendly properties give users a quick an easy comparison tool that can be used to help with one of the biggest life decisions on earth.

Seamless Transactions ST

Seamless Transactions

Integrated Payment Solutions:
Let’s face it, if you’re asking customers to write checks or send something via snail mail you are sending the wrong message. Implementing secure, integrated payment solutions for deposits, rent payments, and other transactions to streamline the process is an absolute must.

Digital Documentation:
Offering digital documentation and e-signature capabilities to simplify the paperwork involved in buying, selling, or renting properties is expected and has the added benefit of environmental awareness as well.

Our Project

UX design for commercial or residential real estate applications has changed dramatically in recent years. If you are not implementing your applications with GIS mapping services and fluid animations and transitions, along with real-time data visualizations you will soon be left behind.

Estate Link - Real Estate Dashboard Design
All in One Dashboard - Real Estate
Real Estate Dashboard Design
Real Estate Dashboard Insights
AR Real Estate Location

Our Work Examples

The future, the present, and the past.

The UX design work below is in no way our exhaustive list of completed projects. What you see here is a smattering of examples of the work we have done over the years for the real estate community. Please reach out if you would like to see more.
Industry / Project Services

Our Services

Our company specializes in designing real estate UI solutions that enhance user experience and streamline property management for the industry.

Real Estate App UI Design

Property app design has exploded with apps like Redfin and others leading the way. Raising the bar in this space requires a modern team of open minded and curious designers willing to perform endless experimentations to reach the perfect solution. The real estate app market UI is now on par with any app available and the expectations by users could not be higher.

Real Estate App UI Design

Real Estate Mobile App Design And Development

Mobile apps are the first step every customer checks before investing any amount of time specific property research. The ability for the app to deliver a personalized experience is now crucially important to getting that user to come back to the app again. This includes a long list of features, such as personalized alerts and messaging as well as providing the user with curated content based on their history and preferences.

Real Estate Mobile App Design And Development

Real Estate Dashboard Design

If you are a property manager or commercial property owner, you know that access to real-time data is critical to your success. This is where data-rich real estate dashboards UI design can deliver exactly what you need 24-hours a day. Critical safety and security decisions can’t wait, and with a customized dashboard at your side you can manage your property as if you are onsite, and in many ways, probably better than being there in person.

Real Estate Dashboard Design

Real Estate Data Visualization

Data visualization for the real estate industry is no different than any other industry, it’s how we make sense of large amounts of information in as little time as possible. Paramount to any other unique assets of the world of data visualization is its ability to point out anomalies and/or critical information in seconds. It also helps explain large amounts of data without having to pour through it all, providing users to gain almost immediate insights for better decision making.

Real Estate Data Visualization

Real Estate Website Design Services

The real estate web design service is changing almost every day, as was discussed above, but in terms of lead capture, quick property value searching, and the ability to customize user experiences, this is a market that will only continue to grow. The one thing we know we can count on is that web design services for the real estate market is going to continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in an online shopping experience.

Real Estate Website Design Services

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