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UX/UI design for manufacturing and warehousing is primarily focused on different ways of creating or improving efficiencies. The overarching goal of the designed interface is to help users complete their tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible - minimizing the the number of clicks wherever possible.

Manufacturing and Warehouse Design Company

Quite a few years ago the design staff at Fuselab decided to begin creating menu-less dashboards; understanding that the 100% clickable interface was where our focus needed to be. Design for warehouse management software not only needed simple and highly intuitive interfaces, they needed to be as mouse-free as possible.

Manufacture &

Design Process

Warehouse design services follow a lot of the same design protocols as other industries with a few slight differences. The most glaring difference is how designers address the environment they are designing for. For instance, everything needs to be highly usable in numerous lighting scenario, and above all else, the information needs to be quickly understood and the functional features exceptionally intuitive.

1. User Analytics

1. User Analytics

  • Heat Maps
  • Bounce Rates
  • Common Flows
  • Target Market Patterns
  • Effectiveness of Forms
  • Behavior Analytics
  • Drop-off Points
2. Business Problems

2. Business Problems

  • Define Current Issues
  • List Problem Features
  • User-loss Trends
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Successful Traffic Patterns
  • Industry Changes
  • Customer Expectations
3. Desired Outcomes

3. Desired Outcomes

  • Intuitive Understanding
  • Functionally Diverse
  • Menuless
  • Producing Actionable Insights
  • Minimal Clicks to Reach Goals
  • Effortless Integration Into Workflow
  • Increased production/efficiencies

Our Design

Designing digital manufacturing platforms takes many forms, most of which have one central goal along with hundreds of small features that support that goal. The telematics screen seen below is one the many created for trucking fleet managers allows users to see an enormous amount of real-time information, including travel videos, real-time mapping, speed of travel, hitch cameras, air pressure in tires, and cab temp, to name only a fraction of what’s possible.

Data Mining UI Design
X4D Construction Management Platform

Manufacture and
Warehouse UI/UX
Design Projects

The projects described below include all of facets of digital design, including warehouse management system design, industrial product design and manufacturing.


Cyngn is a top manufacturing warehouse automation service provider. The autonomous technology platform called DriveMod, is where we come in. Bringing together real-time actionable data and management tools into a dashboard interface for warehouse management is the heart of our work Cyngn. The expectation for autonomous vehicles in this environment is exceptionally high and our designs have become an integral part of the evolution of this product for one of the most cutting-edge companies around.


Hyperframe founders were engineers looking for a more efficient way to commercial construction via technology and digital design for custom manufacturing. Our design for the Hyperframe digital platform involved taking all of the existing pages and pages of CAD drawings and making a usable customer-facing platform to allow users to simply upload their architectural files and Bam! An fully-automated wall construction estimate is created. Obviously this is a simplified description of what has taken years to design and build.

Our Case Study

The future, the present, and the past.

The UX design work below is in no way our exhaustive list of completed projects. What you see here is a smattering of examples of the work we have done over the years for industries such as modern industrial warehousing and supply-chain, healthcare, drone navigation, and construction.
Industry / Project Services

Manufacturing &

Design Services

Warehouse design solutions require an in-depth UX research phase to be effective, as user’s entire daily workload involves creating greater efficiencies at every opportunity. The warehouse environment is fast paced and any tool that isn’t immediately usable and incredibly intuitive will be quickly discarded.

Manufacturing &
Warehouse UI/UX Design

User interface design for warehousing and manufacturing applications is unlike an entertainment or news app design. These industries require an effortless access to critical data without error or confusion. This is particularly true for manufacturing UX/UI design, as it manages the quality of a product and plays a direct role in the profitability of the manufacturer and the ability for a consumer product to grow and compete in their market.

Manufacturing & <br />Warehouse UI/UX Design

Warehouse Design App

Digital applications for the phone, tablet, and desktop have become invaluable tools in every industry over the past decade. This is particularly true for the warehousing, as warehouse app development allows users to stay on the move, track shipments and data in real-time, and essentially run their operations with an acute control over everything coming and going – include staff! Making changes to operational flow, understanding the blockers to success and being able to tackle problems before the grow is just the beginning of what’s possible with a well designed warehouse app.

Warehouse Design App

Manufacturing &
Warehouse Dashboard

Manufacturing-focused dashboards help management stay on top of production, make real-time decisions, and streamline processes that would have been impossible only a few years ago. A warehouse logistics dashboard in particular allows fleet managers and supply-chain staff to work together in a synergistic environment with constant awareness of every aspect of their business.

Manufacturing & <br />Warehouse Dashboard <br />Design

Manufacturing &
Warehouse Data

Data visualization in manufacturing has cut spreadsheet reviews and reports that are old before they are even produced out of the entire workflow for manufacturers. Warehouse based data visualization gives user a broad yet comprehensive view of performance, profit, and many other crucial categories in seconds instead of plowing through reports that take days to create and almost as long to read.

Manufacturing & <br />Warehouse Data <br />Visualization

Web Design for
Manufacturing and

Web design for manufacturing is multi-disciplined pursuit, as most of these sites act as a promotional vehicle for the organization, while also allowing for conversion and sign-up for new customers directly into their user platform. Digital animation is often used on these sites to show typical workflows and the functional assets of the software offering.

Web Design for <br />Manufacturing and <br />Warehouse

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Why choose
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UI/UX design for
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Our approach to UI/UX for warehousing and manufacturing as well as most industries we work with begins with an in-depth UX research process that delivers the foundational design tools that will be used to build out the eventual application. Initial wireframes, site maps, user-flows, customer personas, and clickable prototypes are just the beginning of what is often developed during this critical stage of design. Below is a list of some of the qualities Fuselab staff attempts to bring to every project, and form the foundational backbone of our design philosophy.

Experience XP


What our experience has taught us is that all the ups and downs of our past has made us the right team for this work. Who would have thought that producing thousands of dashboards for every type of data in the world would one day lead to helping doctors and nurses care for patients across the world.

Human-centered design HCD

Human-centered design

Every design project at Fuselab begins by focusing on the human behind the screen. Our curiosity for how to continuously improve our UX/UI research and design on behalf of demanding users is how we produce some of the most usable EHR systems on the market.

Creativity CRT


We believe that at the heart of every design solution that actually impacts people’s lives is a group of open minded creatives that are willing to experiment endlessly until the perfect solution is found. Then, and only then, do we present our work to clients.

Dedication DDC


Dedication is more than it sounds, it is as much about admitting our mistakes, being willing to throw out as much work as we keep, and understanding that falling in love with the medical UI doesn’t mean the UX is worth keeping. We are dedicated to the process as much as the solution, we must be to consistently produce transformational solutions.

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