Bearn Enterprise

Project goal

Design a mobile application to promote healthy living and exercise while also allowing users to earn money as a reward for calories burned and healthy lifestyles.


The enterprise version of Bearn is now live and being used by organizations across the world to help promote exercise among their employees.

Fuselab designed this mobile application to be usable from the first click, with no training or direction at all. The app simply records users’ exercise routines and in turn, they are rewarded in various ways. Companies now can offer this app to their workforce to foster better health and wellness among their staff and in turn potentially reduce their total health insurance rates.


UI/UX Design, Art Direction, Style Guide, Prototyping


Completed over 200 unique screen designs for Bearn Enteprise.






36 weeks



The design for this mobile application focused on simple and bold instructions and repetitive graphics to guide users throughout the experience.



Bearn is a SaaS technology company that provides an unparalleled health management solution for B2B organizations wishing to drive engagement in activities and behaviors that promote healthy, active lifestyles. Our UX team solved their design request with a simple workflow and amazing dashboard system for their application.



The high-level goals for the Bearn Enterprise mobile platform were focused on ease-of-use, rewards, and user engagement. Users should want to use the application every day and be curious about their earning status, which will promote additional exercise and better health.



There are four areas every company is graded on to receive their overall score: health, wellness, fitness, and disease management. HR staff is able to see where improvements are needed and where employees are performing well and receiving the most earned dollars.



“Design is concerned with how things work, how they are controlled, and the nature of the interaction between people and technology. When done well, the results are brilliant, pleasurable products.”

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The dashboard UX/UI was created to give users as much or as little information as they want. Landing areas give high-level recent data based on activity and also provide statistics for group efforts and campaigns per organization along with individual employees.

The company health score was developed from using key metrics set by managers and allows leadership to see progress over time and where activity may have fallen off among staff, while also see the most active employees and what retail they are spending their earned money on.

Engagement Dashboard

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At the heart of any mobile health app is developing a consistent routine with multiple forms of reminders and encouragement.

The mobile dashboard Fuselab created balances the encouragement of seeing dollars earned with the number of calories burned while also depicting how the streaks of activity have improved or increased the amount in both of these areas.

Lastly, while still on the same screen users can compare their activity to others at their company and within specific groups they have joined.

Daily Activity

Fuselab’s approach to mobile design is quite simple: make every attempt to make everything a user sees clickable and intuitive.

Our app designs should never need some kind of companion explanation or training, instead they should engage the user to jump in with no confusion or apprehension.

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Motivations come in many forms on the Bearn app, and the UX/UI we designed created a “one-view” card design that included all of the key details users needed to keep them moving toward their goals. Details like earned cash, calories burned, individual goals and what’s left to reach them, group participation, and exercise streaks.

Each data block also includes the ability to drill down for further information and historical data, and all within a few simple touches.

Insights / Results

Predictive Health Risks Included

To best understand a user’s total health, our interface updates predictive health risks in real-time based on exercise progress, a daily stress index, and general body details such as height, weight, and age.

Each risk block included large risk numbers to guide the user’s eyes to the most important high-level data experience, while also providing guidance information for reducing overall health risks.

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Easy to read dashboard to track all employee progress, set new goals for individuals and groups, and see what has been accomplished in all of the pre-set areas of exercise, such as biking and running.

Group goals

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Creating groups is no different than creating a company softball team. People are typically more driven when what they are doing is part of a public competition. Anyone can skip their workout when no one is watching, but when you are part of a team that is attempting to beat out another team everything changes.

Similar to fantasy football leagues or other digital competition platforms, Fuselab created an easy way to see your group’s standing, compare progress and develop and track goals. Companies understand that there is a direct link between physical and mental health and Bearn helps maintain a good balance between both.

Personal Goals

Every Step, Swim, or Swing is Tracked and Rewarded

Bearn users can actually see how their daily movement is adding up and getting that much closer to their goals immediately in the app. High-contrast colors and activity-specific iconography were deployed to create a simple, yet effective user experience, even when mixed with sweaty fingers and bright sunshine.

6 / 6


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