Choosing the right school and the process of applying for colleges can bring up an ton of anxiety and unexpected expenses. Pathevo helps those looking to continue their education and takes the stress out of this life-changing decision.

Services Provided:

The Story

Taking the Guesswork Out of the Equation

It is hard to think of a more tech-savvy audience than the current high school juniors and seniors. We knew that to capture the attention of U.S. seventeen and eighteen-year-old college bound students we had to make this application equally fun, informational, and engaging.

UX Design

Understanding Your Audience

The average attention span of an American teenager now stands somewhere between 3 to 5 seconds on average before they move onto something else. Pathevo was built to inspire students to dig deep by providing a continuous evolution of new information options, engaging college comparison features, and information sharing from students everywhere to make this application a truly personal experience for students.


UI Design

Intelligent Interface

The application is everything a student needs to make an informed and wise college decision. The options are easily identifiable, the choices can be made quickly and all this translates into a painless process. Teens are always expecting these outcomes from their digital experience – Pathevo and FuseLab have made sure their expectations are met.



What would you do if 95% of you target market does 75% of their information searching on a smart phone. (By the way, when are we going to stop calling these devices in our pockets a phone? Let’s discuss this some other time.) Back to my question: the answer is – you create a cutting-edge responsive design that does the heavy lifting for you, one that delivers the right information, with clear and easy-to-read results.

  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • Tablet


The Personality Factor

More than possibly any other design element we created for Pathevo the illustrations and custom iconography were the elements that took their brand to the next level, and carved out a place of unique distinction among their competition.


Style Guide

Everything about the style selected for Pathevo was meant to convey a sense of excitement and hope. Colors, fonts and photography used here all work together to create a welcoming environment that immediately makes students feel that we understand where they are coming from and what inspires them.


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