Wondering how to market to savvy consumers that don’t readily share their personal data will work in the future? Meet our newest client, Blis.

Create a user experience and interface design for customers attempting to market their service or product anywhere in the world with some of the most sophisticated filters and customizable search parameters ever.

Search, Choose, Analyze

More and more people have decided to go “incognito,” as Chrome calls it. This is why a platform like Blis exists, and although they don’t use personal data, they do use a combination of device IDs, location, and context to come up with illuminating analytics. Fuselab took this data, the functions by which it can be manipulated, and designed a visual and contextual architecture to help users, regardless of their digital sophistication, make excellent use of this powerful marketing tool.



Every UI/UX design needed to feel innovative and reinforce the message that Blis is something different. Scratch that, this is something revolutionary!



A high sophisticated platform with countless user paths.

Informative graphics

Blunt, exceptionally telling graphics and photography. The combination of informative graphics that speak to the subject matter with highly intuitive functionality is just one of the many reasons our design for Blis has helped this groundbreaking service create a name for itself in a highly competitive space.


Data Visualizations

Geography, just one of many options to choose from.
Bold and clear graphics has been proven to resonate with viewers up to 100-times faster than words, which is exactly why we used large map segments throughout the platform to the visual landscape to give users a place to familiarize themselves with what’s possible. Our data visualizations, through the use of colors, gradients, and strategic placement, work hand-in-hand with the underlying graphics to create a powerful design one-two punch.


A high sophisticated platform with countless user paths.
With a bespoke design approach to data, we created a user experience that is 100% customizable though filters, different types of measurement, geolocation, and the list goes on. If you want to target people that eat lunch at a particular McDonalds on a particular street, in a particular city, it’s all possible.


If you are a brick-and-mortar fast food restaurant, understanding the target market in your immediate surroundings is paramount to orchestrating successful marketing. This is exactly why almost every user flow begins with a map capable of displaying several informational layers depending on what elements are selected.

Data Mining

With the extreme data mining abilities found in Blis, Fuselab needed to flex its data visualization muscles. High-level summary graphics help users understand the major category numbers compared with national averages, while employing a multi-factor search function allows for comparison data filtered through user-specific inputs.

blis data mining info

Advanced Search

The advance search functions we designed provide common breadcrumb functions of simple inputs and deletions. Additionally, custom or pre-selected filter types, such as “and” or “all” allows for a effortless, yet fully personalized approach to user searches.


Map Overview

Running a thriving business is just as much about knowing who your competition is as it is about managing your own sales team. 

Through the implementation of worldwide GPS tracking and Google Maps, the user experience (UX) we designed for Blis makes it ridiculously simple to see where your business stands in relation to your competition, while also pinpointing the exact demographics that you will need to target in your next marketing campaign. Keep in mind, this is all without the use of website cookies.

Blis Map Overview

Design System

The design system we created for Blis is just one of many we have built this year for similar clients. There was a time when making design changes in a large app could take days or weeks. With modern design systems, large and small changes can be made globally within in minutes. This is how modern design and development work.

Table View

There are times where data visualization needs to step aside and make room for old fashioned tables. Data scientists almost always want to see the raw data first to better understand what is possible, and this is also true for some sophisticated users that want to create their data view from the ground up. Fuselab Creative has made room for all user demographics in the platform.

Audience Explorer

Our audience exploration user experience design is allows users to start with a wide view of the segment or region they have chosen and then begin the process of narrowing and refining their research to poinpoint their target market with uncommon and exceptional effectiveness.

Brand target

Brand success hinges on brand awareness. And to create brand awareness you need to find and target particular demographics with repeated, diverse, and engaging messaging over a sustained period of time. Targeting the right audience is only half the battle. The other half is getting your target to notice your brand. This comes down to meeting them where they are most receptive to hearing your messaging.

Blis Real-Time Target


A target market, like everything having to do with human beings, can be exponentially complex. Our UI design allows users to make their target market selections from an extensive combination of custom and pre-determined filtering options, along with user generated search criteria.

Digital Affinity Applications

Part of targeting people where they are, where they are going, and where they are open to messaging begins with finding out what or who they are connecting with in the digital world. What apps they use can be just as helpful as where they regularly shop for groceries.

Designed by:

Art Direction

George Railean

Project management

Vladimir Bobu


Marcel Sendrea
Lina Ghimp

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