Prime TSR

Prime TSR came to FuseLab Creative for a bold identity and a vibrant online presence.

Sometimes data can be sexy; at least when you engage with the UX/UI experts at FuseLab Creative. Projects like this one for Prime TSR are what we live for: a full identity overhaul and online redesign. It gives us a chance to start fresh with an agency and build tools that will serve this company for years and years to come. See if you can feel the energy and professionalism behind this revolutionary company come through in our design.

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Our Approach

Building a brand from the ground up: the ultimate challenge.

Although on the surface it may seem like just a logo, some colors, fontshitand styles, but brand development can be an unwieldy beast. In fact, building enormous websites can be less through at times. It’s about knowing your client’s dreams and personality on a level that isn’t acquired easily. But when you get it right and you see your work begin to blossom, it is nothing less than exhilarating.

Prime TSR

Branding Evolution

Capturing the movement and internal transformation

Prime TSR is on the move, changing everything in their path and we needed to create a brand that gave this company wings. Wait a minute, are those three icons wings, are they arrows, or are they three laptops flying through the ether? The answer is, they are all these things, but the one thing they are not is static. Sometimes you just know when you have hit the mark and this was one of those times.

Prime TSR

UI Elements

Go ahead, touch a button, that’s what they are there for.

Finding a balance between art and functionality is where great UI finds its home. A great user experience can only be created by an intuitive and simple UI. The question we always ask is simple, how do we make it simple while still through it seem fresh and fun to work hit? Not an easy question to answer, but check out the site we built and we think you will see a terrific balance of just enough flare while remaining true to the old saying, “keep it simple stupid.”

Prime TSR
Prime TSR

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