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Fuselab Creative Designs Face-to-Fate of a Digital Business: GoodFirms

Interview CEO Marc Caposino

Fuselab Creative Designs Face-to-Fate of a Digital Business: GoodFirms

With a dream to create a memorable user experience through expert human-centered design, Fuselab Creative was launched into existence. Read the entire story behind how it happened, in the words of Marc Caposino – the CEO of Fuselab Creative.

Fuselab Creative is a renowned design agency based in Northern Virginia that delivers exceptionally intuitive software and app designs. The company came into formation in 2017 intending to make people’s lives better, help businesses succeed, and support better health through technology.

Fuselab Creative Digital Design Agency is a group of talented UI/UX designers and developers who inspire clients through transformational design strategy and creating beautiful digital products. The company started designing everything from websites to social media campaigns and branding systems. However, as the business has evolved, so has its focus. Fuselab now is primarily focused on making data and critical information more accessible through digital design systems.

In an interview with GoodFirms, Marc Caposino, the CEO of Fuselab Creative discussed how the company was established and his role in helping businesses and entrepreneurs with their digital design needs. 

Interface and Dashboard Designing

Marc started the interview by sharing that Fuselab Creative was initially focused on interface and dashboard design for organizations in almost all industries. Yet, as of 2022, Fuselab spends at least fifty percent of its time working on behalf of the healthcare industry. However, any organization looking to make use of large amounts of data more usable for better decision-making would benefit from Fuselab services.

Regarding the business model employed at Fuselab, Marc said the company currently manages all of its projects via four distinct design teams, each team includes exceptional UI/UX designers, product strategists, and project managers. The company also employs experienced motion graphics specialists, digital strategists, copywriters, video producers, and director-level creative and executive staff. Several partner teams of front-end and back-end code developers are also available for end-to-product design and development

As Marc suggests, one of the company’s most significant differentiators is its ability to deliver pixel-perfect Design Systems. Fuselab uses Figma or AdobeXD to deploy its design systems for organizations that are seeking to have a modular system for making global changes to their platform with little to no design support.

According to Marc, Fuselab Creative takes a great deal of pride in servicing several clients from the healthcare and wellness industry. He reports that staff enjoys knowing that their work can have a direct impact on patient’s health, or is helping healthcare professionals perform their duties more efficiently. “About 50% of our current clients have continued with us through contract renewals or have returned to us for additional work after our first project has ended, which is all you can ask for.”

The services offered by the company to its valued clients include UI/UX Design, Digital Product Design, and Development, Illustration, and Animation. Fuselab Creative has a very high satisfaction rate among its customers that can be observed through Clutch, GoodFirms, and Google Reviews. Not surprisingly, the company is ranked as a top app design company in Virginia and is working hard to expand its global client base. The review displayed below depicts what is valued most by its customers.

Goodfirms review

Fuselab Creative Support System

Regarding the company’s support system, Fuselab Creative presents Executive Staff and Project Managers to their clients to handle all the queries, requests, and issues 24/7. No query or request remains unanswered, and clients are never left waiting with unsolved issues.

The payment structure of the company is quite flexible. Different arrangements are made for different clients including fixed-price deliverable contracts, monthly retainer agreements, maintenance agreements, and consulting on practically any digital need a client has. “We always want to be seen as a partner in our client’s success instead of a contracted vendor,” Marc affirms.

As Marc affirms, Fuselab often finds themselves doing favors for their friends and family, still, the minimum project budget is set as $20,000 or above. The largest project budget in 2021 was $760,000 and the smallest one was $21,000.


Fuselab Creative is super-enthusiastic about its growth over the past few years. Marc concludes the interview by sharing, “I think we like the size we are now, but we would possibly entertain joining a larger company as their in-house design team if our missions were aligned. We are also in the process of building several experimental digital products of our own, so the future looks pretty exciting for us.”

The detailed interview can be checked on the GoodFirms company page.

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