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Every project we work on begins by acquiring an genuine understanding our client's hopes and dreams and then attempting to exceed them. Below is a just a small batch of recent projects we've completed. Scroll to the bottom to click on "all projects" to see more.

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Best UI/UX Agency DC Area

How does change happen? Start with a top Creative Agency like FuseLab Creative; mix in some experts in UI/UX, Integrated Marketing, and App Development, and anything is possible! At the heart of every project is a dream to be better, this is where we start: fueled by your dreams.

Our Services

UI/UX Design

Whether our process begins with persona's or not, we do whatever we can to walk in the shoes of our clients and their audience. Ultimately, our UI/UX design work is about building game-changing websites that produce return visits and brand loyalty.

Marketing & Communications

Every message, campaign, or social posting is the beginning of a relationship. The FuseLab approach involves a deep understanding of this fact, combined with twenty years of experience building rallying cries on behalf of clients across the nation. What this means for our clients is a powerful creative punch when they need it most.

Graphic Design/Illustration

It's not enough anymore to be a skilled designer or illustrator. What is needed is an artist with a truly strategic eye, and a deep knowledge of technology. The good news is that FuseLab Creative only employs those that have these qualities in abundance!

Video Production & Animation

Flat images are nice, but we just can't help but love capturing the movement and power of video and eye-catching animation on behalf of our clients. Oh yeah, and adding sound, music and effects is pretty fun too!

Mobile & Web App Development

Our team utilizes cutting-edge technology with our full stack, mobile, and web dev services. We specialize in a wide variety of Web Application frameworks including WordPress, Drupal, Angular.js and front-end development. We also create both native iOS, Android and cross-platform apps with the Ionic framework.


"Virtual reality is here my friends, either get on board or get left behind." (Overheard during a recent staff meeting). The fact is, our Virtual and Augmented Reality team keeps us in awe every day. Think of it this way, VR turns your bedroom into a shark tank. And AR makes a shark jump out of your bed.

Fuse Blog

Wondering what we're thinking? Find out what inspires FuseLab staff, what kind of projects we are working on now, or what we love to BBQ on the weekend, it's all inside our Blog.

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