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Sports uniforms is an enormous part of the Nike brand, but not all teams had the capacity to properly submit, manage, and customize their orders - this is where Fuselab Creative comes in to save the day.

Our UX/UI designers worked with users to create a simple interactive environment for schools and students to create and order their own team uniforms, accessories, and team collateral for numerous different high school sports.


The platform allows for users to create their own customized logos and designs, or to upload the pre-designed artwork, striping, and other unique details. Each element added can be zoomed in to see the smallest level of detail.


Each initial order form provides the required level of details to complete a simple design and then allows for further customization depending on the sport and the artwork uploaded.


The UI design includes a realtime visualization window to view the details of each order as they are added. Users can also apply visuals and details to a series of uniforms and apply specific number for each without having to repeat the customization process.


Once a jersey is complete, it can be distributed to team members for purchase or further customization such as adding players names via the mobile application. Once users create simple account they can then search for their school’s shop and place their order with only a few clicks.

Designed by:

Art Direction

George Railean

Project management

Vladimir Bobu

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