Find out where Covid-19 funds were spent.

POGO came to Fuselab Creative to design one of the most important government spending oversight platforms in U.S. History.

Pogo Tracker

COVID-19 Government spending falls into numerous types, such as loans, grants, contracts of all types, and agency budget support. It’s a difficult geography to navigate, and this is why the POGO tracker is so important to our democracy.

Numbers Local for Pogo Spending


The Fuselab wireframes needed to account for an incredibly complex set of data inputs, while also creating a simple and intuitive experience for all users from all levels of technical proficiency.

Find out

Users of this tracker have the opportunity to see government spending across the country and within specific filters such as population, ethnicity, and unemployment rates; something no other COVID spending tracker offers!


Before even reading specific details about the COVID spending, the visual design and user experience provides users with a comprehensive summation of spending from coast of the United States.

Smart filters
Smart filters

Map view

As users dig into individual states more and more specific information is opened up, allowing in-depth research aimed at supporting investigative reporters and other researchers interested in county by county data for each state.

Explore Data

Find out where COVID-19 funds were spent.

Explore Data

Table view

The table view allows for incontext research based on side-by-side comparisons of data within a specific set of filters, while also allowing users to actually download spreadsheets for offline research as well.

Tool demo

The tool demo is meant to pull back the curtain on the entire platform and allow users to see what is possible before they actually engage with what the tool has to offer, and to better understand the possibilities and limitations.

Industry Pages

Users are provided with the ability to look at summary data by specific industries and then within in each state in the country to see how their state may compare to other across the U.S. within critical spending areas like Healthcare.

Explore Data

Tasks, purchase orders, and payments: where the rubber hits the road.

Explore Data
FAQ Page

Data Questions

FAQ Page
About page

Spending Explorer

About page

Designed by:

Art Direction

George Railean

Project management

Vladimir Bobu


Marcel Sendrea
Lina Ghimp

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