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Project goal

Design intuitive interface for revolutionary referral program for medical professionals.


The referralMD application closes the loop for doctors and specialists.

As part of this project, FuseLab Creative designed over 200 unique page designs and dashboard elements to create an intuitive user experience to allow doctors to follow-up, track, and administer patient referrals to specialists within a specific geographic region, and/or specific insurance systems.

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UI/UX Design, Art Direction, Style Guide, Prototyping


Completed over 200 unique screen designs for referralMD.






36 weeks

Problem Statement


The primary problem our design needed to solve was to design one system where both doctors and specialists could refer patients, communicate, and share information. The initial design was done by internal staff at referralMD, but was far from what they needed to achieve their goals. The original design involved way too many screens, and was hard to understand without training. This was why they came to us. The current process for most providers referring patients involved multiple systems, multiple databases, and multiple forms of outdated technology, such as the use of a facsimile.



Our UX team solved this issue with a simple workflow and single dashboard system for specialists to receive referrals electronically, even if they were sent via fax, while also receiving the appropriate patient data ahead of seeing the patient, and, as a bonus, we added the option of real-time chat and HIPAA-compliant patient data sharing. On average, 60% of referrals are never seen by a specialist for various reasons. ReferralMD is correcting this issue in the medical community with the application we designed for them.





ReferralMD software is not being used by major medical systems across the country, including University of San Francisco Medical System, Cedar Sinai Medical system and many other small medical networks and private medical facilities.



“Design is concerned with how things work, how they are controlled, and the nature of the interaction between people and technology. When done well, the results are brilliant, pleasurable products.”

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If a hospital referral is needed, this screen actually allows doctors to see potential wait times. Primary care doctors are also notified whenever one of their patients is admitted.

Hospital Status

Data dashboard design for refferal status for RefferalMD. If a hospital referral is needed this screen actually allows doctors to see potential doctor’s titles. to see office titles and congestion.

Medical dashboard design for doctors helping them search and select their patient. Also see their patient’s medical history, health issues. The health dashboard shows important statistics and data.

With powerful clinical decision support tools, ReferralMD helps healthcare providers increase revenue and improve customer service.

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To better treat patients, all current patient data has been converted into a one-page visual summary with live links to X- Rays, MRI’s, and other important patient data.

Patient Data

Our approach to interaction design focused on a “90-second review window” for medical providers. As we were tasked with first considering “touch” or tablet navigation and creating an interface that would enable providers to view top-level patient history, current health issues, and allergies or chronic issues within this short window of time.

This new platform was positioned to become a kind of “right-hand” for busy primary practice doctors and nurses, as well as emergency medical care providers that often had much less than 90 seconds to view any kind of existing patient data. Obviously, integration with EHR systems such as Cerner and others was not just an enormous task for the development team, we also were tasked with creating an interface and front-end that would work seamlessly with several third-party applications, which would alleviate another common frustration by eliminating the need to log in to separate record systems.

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Our interface allows doctors and specialists to quickly find patient data and to filter patients by specific patient detials, such as insurance carrier.

Search for patient

Testing and re-testing of every single button and the intuitive intention of the user experience is probably one of the areas of our work process that our staff despise the most because of how much we focus on it.

After twenty years of doing this work, we know that this is the one area, above all others, that will come back to bite you if even one corner is cut.

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If a hospital referral is needed, this screen actually allows doctors to see potential wait times. Primary care doctors are also notified whenever one of their patients is admitted.

Refer a provider

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Everything a medical provider needs to make informed referral decisions is available within two clicks.

Efficient data

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Key patient conditions can be quickly selected through condition-specific menus and an automated referral submission system deliver a huge time savings and an entirely new level of efficiency for doctors and specialists.

Referral submission

A patient data page, including available x-rays, ekgs, recent labs, current health issues and procudures, provider exam notes, and geo-located referral selection option.

7 / 7

ReferralMD is the exact type of project we love. Fuselab has entered a time in which we are looking for meaninful work where our staff and skillset can be put toward making a positive impact in people’s lives.

Supporting healthcare companies and healthcare technology is not only meaningful, it is truly inspiring!


Thanks for slogging through this entire page, we appreciate it!

We know that reading long pages like this one takes some effort, and therefore we would just like to say thanks for sticking with us as we spell out what we did for a truly unique and important client like referralMD.

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