A Behance Beacon: Fuselab Creative Continues To Rank Above Their UX Design Competition

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The Adobe online portfolio repository and competition site, Behance, is used by digital freelancers and companies to research the best of the best in the digital arts industry.


User experience (UX) is as much about emotion as it is about great design, functionality, or ease-of-use. FuseLab understands the implications of emotion-driven decision making when it comes to engaging viewers online. Every decision made during our web development process is checked against a series of personas, an in-depth understanding of human-centered design, and what we like to call the “Obvious Action” test; which is simply a test that assures our clients that every major area of their site has a purpose and contains an obvious and simple “call to action” for visitors.


UX design for LeadASAP YSA
YSA – UI/UX design

What Is A User Experience

ux design
User Experience Design

User experience design encompasses traditional human-computer interaction (HCI) design and extends it by addressing all aspects of a product or service as perceived by users.

This is all true and part of a solid understanding of the subject, but there is an “X-Factor” as well. We believe that creating satisfaction for users is important, however, what makes an experience memorable is an equally important aspect of any strategy.

When users remember your site and remember it fondly, they may not even remember why–they simply remember the positive emotion it created. In fact, it’s been proven over and over that most people don’t retain much of what they read online, but they all remember how they felt when they read it.

Why We Love Behance

We love Behance, not just because we have developed such a tremendous following, but because of the diverse international audience it attracts. Designers, developers, photographers, illustrators, animators, come to Behance to see web trends in almost every industry, and particularly in the areas of advertising, fashion, gaming, fine art, and product design. It’s always interesting to see real-world examples of how these industries are evolving across cultures and industries.

Until someone is able to create a foolproof way of coming up with original ideas, it will always be an allusive task. Authors and creatives have explored this for hundreds of years–many believe that our ideas are simply a bi-product of all of our experiences in life, and others believe it is a response to what is right in front of us filtered through our psychology and current mindset. In other words, no one knows! However, having a resource that represents literally millions of like-minded people is an invaluable asset to have on our side.

Additionally, we know that a user experience can vary widely depending on the user, and having a platform where we can receive feedback on our UI/UX work gives us an immediate and real-world playground to test our ideas. We have all been a victim of group-think inside our little design shops, and of course, we often fall in love with concepts that others may hate; this is just part of life for a modern creative. We deal with this issue by getting as many opinions from outsiders as we can before we present to clients.

It’s always enlightening to see our work through the eyes of others, and truthfully, this is absolutely essential if we are going to consistently deliver high-caliber UX/UI designs.

FuseLab Creative on Behance has achieved amazing results during October-November 2017 being added in the most appreciated categories and more creative fields.


With more than 5 million active members FuseLab Creative has been voted in the Top 29 most appreciated companies in the USA for Web Design field.

FuseLab Top UX Agency in Behance
FuseLab Creative top 29 out of 5 million members
  • Top 2 for UI/UX design fields, in the most appreciated category in DC, USA
Best UX Design Agency in DC
Behance Top Design Agency
  • Top 3 in the Most Appreciated Category on All Creative Fields in the USA
FuseLab Creative Top Design Agency
Creative Agency on Behance
  • Top 4 in the Most Appreciated Category in UI/UX design field, by region in Washington DC, USA

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Some of our best ideas come from our programmers and some of our most innovative code concepts come from our creatives. We truly employ a lab environment, where we are constantly experimenting to stay ahead of trends and employ the most memorable strategies possible on behalf of our clients.

Best UI/UX Design Agency
Best Agency in UI/UX design field

Fuselab Creative is a creative digital product design agency in Tysons Virginia, specializing in web design, communications, and marketing. We believe the heart of any successful campaign, application launch, or web design, is a combination of equal parts creative skill and mad science.

Stay Ahead of Your Competition and Improve Your UX at the Same Time

Stay Ahead of Your Competition and Improve Your UX at the Same Time

Fuselab helps you make the right design decisions to continuously improve your UX as your user’s expectations increase over time.

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