Astro Kit – NASA

Astro Kit – NASA

Imagine taking a picture of a star, loading that picture into a NASA database and receiving back exact information on the location of that star and the stars and planets that are surrounding that star. Seems impossible right? Not anymore, with AstroKit, star location is not only possible it can be achieved in realtime.

Services Provided:

The Story

Making Sense of the Night Sky

This project brought out the kid in all of us. Our sense of wonderment as the project progressed only grew more intense as we dug deeper into the rich design elements that make this site such a joy to look at. Although the data and technical work that was put into this project took years of intense work to create, we wanted it to feel effortless to navigate, as if floating through space.


Identity, UX/UI Design

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Astro Kit – NASA

Color Palette

Opacity & Gradients

Although the night sky is somewhat devoid of much color variation to the naked eye, we attempted to create a color palette based on some of the basic colors visible through high powered telescopes in combination with colors visible to the rest us standing on earth looking up. We also employed some interesting gradients and levels of opacity to reinforce the feeling of looking through glass and refracted light. The result is a dream-like design, full of the majestic perspectives mixed with seamless architecture.

Astro Kit – NASA
Astro Kit – NASA


Putting the Universe in a Box

Whenever we can, we try to employ high-fidelity wireframes to give our clients not just a view of the proposed organizational structure, but a view into our design thinking as well.

  • 01. First screen, About, Help, CTA
  • 02. Universe, Terminology, Data
Astro Kit – NASA
Astro Kit – NASA

Graphic Elements

Monochrome Illustration
Astro Kit – NASA
Astro Kit – NASA
Astro Kit – NASA
Astro Kit – NASA
Line icons
Astro Kit – NASA

UI Integration

The UI work needed to be as simple as possible to leave room for the “star” of the site, which is the stars themselves.

Table of Content:

  • 01. First screen
  • 02. About
  • 03. Help, CTA
  • 04. Universe
  • 05. Terminology
  • 06. Data
Astro Kit – NASA

Interior Pages

Although the interior pages are all about data and research we attempted to carry the engaging style from the homepage through in a way that still pays proper tribute to the night sky and the endless wonderment it instills in all of us.


  • 01. Log In
  • 02. Upload Images
  • 03. Point Sources
  • 04. Catalog Stars
  • 05. Light_Curve
Astro Kit – NASA
Astro Kit – NASA
Astro Kit – NASA
Astro Kit – NASA
Astro Kit – NASA



We could not be more grateful to the NASA project staff on this. Our designers are dreaming about the next opportunity to work with the stars.


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