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Future Aircraft Bluebook

Aircraft Bluebook is the premier resource for general aviation aircraft values. Updated quarterly, each edition includes more than 3,000 model years of identification and values for all types of business and general aviation aircraft.

For over seven decades, Aircraft Bluebook has stood as the premier choice within the business aviation industry for dependable aircraft valuation data. Trusted by insurance and finance professionals, aircraft owners, fleet managers and beyond, our reputation for accuracy and reliability remains unmatched.

Project Overview

Aircraft Bluebook has been providing aircraft valuations and parts information for over 100 years. They came to Fuselab for a complete redesign and development of their marketing site and their enormous web platform, which hosts millions of rows of data going back more than a century.

Project Overview Project Overview

Detailed Comparison

When shopping for aircraft their are a lot of differences and similarities that exist among individual aircraft. Designing a detailed, side-by-side comparison tool/dashboard was a key deliverable for our team. Such a detailed comparison dashboard is extremely valuable for aviation professionals, enthusiasts, and decision-makers who need to make informed choices based on the specific requirements and preferences for their aviation needs.

Detailed Comparison Detailed Comparison

Assessment of the Aircraft Market

Every modification, maintenance record, utilization data, paint type, and a couple thousand other details play a role in the valuation of an aircraft. Each individual detail can be leveraged in the ABB dashboard to better understand what a potential buyer is getting and how a particular aircraft measures up in the market.

Assessment of the aircraft market
Assessment of the aircraft market Assessment of the aircraft market Assessment of the aircraft market

Sales Report

Our detailed UX/UI design for the individual sales report generator tool allows buyers to not only look back in time in terms of buyers and usage, it also puts the most critical data upfront so that users don’t have to spend time digging for information.

Sales Report

Your Personal Space

Customization and personalization in the UI/UX design and development space is quite honestly the prevailing indicator for success. Customers at ABB have the ability to make the platform their own in multiple ways, including returning the exact page and filters they were using upon their previous visit.

Your Personal Space

Saved Valuations

Along with the user generated customization’s listed in previous block, user accounts also save all of their previously generated valuations, allowing for a comprehensive shopping and research experience that is unparalleled in this market.

Saved Valuations

Airplane Price Evaluation

Want to know what happens to your aircraft once you upgrade your paint or install a new communications system? It’s all here in our easy to use, and beautifully design Aircraft Bluebook web application.

Airplane Price Evaluation Airplane Price Evaluation
Customization is key icon
Customization is the key

Custom Paint Scheme: Elegant two-tone livery featuring a high-gloss metallic finish with custom graphics and logos as per owner’s specifications.
Winglets: Advanced blended winglets for improved aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.
And the list goes on, but with each added feature the valuation changes and this is why a tool like the ABB is essential in the personal aircraft community.

Customization is key

Dark Mode Template

Although the dark and light view options are becoming more and more common, this toggle was particularly important, as users are often in low light or intense sunlight conditions and giving users a way to adjust according to multiple ambient light conditions was critical.

Dark mode Template

Price in Details Report

Pricing for aircraft is a moving target according to multiple factors and having a simple and easy access to these price fluctuations is why the Aircraft Bluebook exists. The Fuselab design approach focused on modern visualizations mixed with clear data details. Every click allows users to dig deeper into the particular aircraft of interest.

Price in Details Report

Advanced Search Feature

This powerful tool was designed to streamline and enhance the user’s ability to find specific information and insights efficiently, and to save particular searches to continue at a later time. Users can apply a variety of filters to narrow down search results, such as aircraft type, model, registration, operational status, and so much more.

Advanced Search Feature
Advanced Search Feature Advanced Search Feature

Find an Aircraft Result

All aircraft can be categorized into different types, such as commercial, military, private, or experimental, which can help sifting through aircraft search results. Aircraft are also searchable based on specific purposes and applications, such as crop maintenance or surveillance. The type and configuration of engines (jet, turboprop, piston) significantly influence an aircraft’s performance, and can be used as a search filter, as well as specifications like the number of engines, thrust produced, and fuel efficiency.

Find an aircraft 


The most intricate part of any aircraft is the propulsion type or engine type. Our dashboard design allows users to filter by all makers of a specific engine type or simply by max speed or overall condition of the aircraft. In other words, users can begin their search from numerous angles or details to find their desired aircraft.


Access Your Saved Aircraft Valuations

With the amount of information and customization possible using the ABB platform, we have developed a simple repository for users to access at any given time and to continue the valuations they started yesterday or ten years ago. Valuations take time and starting over with each visit was a critical requirement. Each valuation is then saved as an individual thumbnail graphic that can be reopened as needed.

Access Your Saved Aircraft Valuations

Aircraft Sales Report

Aircraft Bluebook digital platform provides latest market values for over 6,000 model years of identification for all types of business and general aviation aircraft by accessing Aircraft Bluebook Online, and obtain over 30 years of general aviation aircraft prices by quarter from the Historical Value Reference.

Aircraft Sales Report Aircraft Sales Report
Aircraft Sales Report

Meet the Staff

As part of our work on the marketing site for Aircraft Bluebook, we created a peek behind the scenes at this historic and influential organization. The staff accomplishments and professional backgrounds give users a reason to trust this agency and also provide a strong foundation for anyone looking to better understand what the organization has to offer.

Meet the Staff

Explore and See Data on Website

The old days of Aircraft Bluebook included the print publication of hundreds of pages of aircraft data. Although the print edition can still be provided, it is the new digital version of the resource that is now leading the industry as the go-to resource for aircraft valuations and industry sales and technical research.

Explore and See Data on Website
Explore and See Data on Website Explore and See Data on Website Explore and See Data on Website

Designed by:

Art Direction

George Railean

Project management

Vladimir Bobu


Lina Ghimp, Vitalie Ghimciuc

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