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Competition only makes us better, and in DC, FuseLab continues to out-perform its competitors.

How do you stand out in crowd of other design studios? That’s an easy one: through the quality and creativity of your work. Design is subjective, we get this, one person’s masterpiece is another person’s clunker. This is why a lot of research and prototyping goes into all our client work, making sure we are firing on all cylinders at all times.

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    About Dashboard Design

    Dashboard and intelligent interface design have become a staple service for FuseLab Creative. Many of our clients collect data in various forms, but not nearly as many are making good use of it. This is where we come in.

    What is Dashboard Design?

    The core of dashboard design is an interactive layer of functionality and data filtering that allows people to get needed information quickly, effortlessly, and including only the specific information they desire. It’s a tool format that will only grow and become more important over time.

    How Does Dashboard Design Help My Company ?

    It really doesn’t matter what industry you are in anymore, every company, organization, non-profit, lemonade stand, can benefit from a custom dashboard. It’s just another way to better understand your success and failures and plan for the future.


    Dashboard Design Interface

    Every dashboard design we do is a little different, but one thing that unifies all of them is the ability to better control your data/information in ways that help you make better, or more informed decisions, and in many ways, create less anxiety when making decisions that impact your organization going forward.

    Consistency is Key

    People like what they can understand and hate things that are hard to learn. Make it intuitive or choose a new line of work.

    Easy Customization

    Put the power in the hands of your clients and they will thank you for it. Making data useful is all about filtering that information in ways that help clients better understand where they are and what they need to change.

    Pay Attention to the Iconography

    Icons have always been a key ingredient to good information design. Just imagine navigating an airport without signage icons, we’d all be heading to the wrong restrooms at once! And as for the baggage claim, forget about it, we’d be lost for hours

    Color Psychology

    Most people don’t realize how important colors are in making people understand and feel certain ways. Just imagine a blue stop sign, would you actually stop, probably, but not without some momentary confusion, and for a few brief moments, you may wonder if you’ve been transported to a foreign country.

    Our Work

    Latest Projects

    Our work is always a moving target, but one thing remains our commitment to bring our best to every project and the inspiration we receive from working with clients that our reshaping the world around all of us. We are proud to play a role in the future success of those we work with and to help them learn, grow, and thrive!

    We are the Best in this Field

    Below is a graphic representation of how our primary work processes breakdown.

    Dashboard Interface Design


    Intelligent Interface Design


    User Experience


    Web Design


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    Some of the world's leading organizations.


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