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Qgen Health Lab

Design an intuitive interface for revolutionary Qgen Health Lab program with the future of cancer treatment in mind.

Qgen uses advanced algorithms and AI to analyze individual patient data, ensuring each treatment plan is acutely customized to treat the unique health challenges of each patient.

Innovating the
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Qgen Health Lab is an advanced, next-generation web application designed to revolutionize the way cancer is treated. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative healthcare solutions, Qgen Health Lab provides a comprehensive platform for patients, doctors, and researchers to collaboratively combat cancer more effectively, producing better and better patient outcomes and mortality rates.



Running a successful oncology lab requires the support of user-friendly and incredibly complex software systems. Fuselab designed the Qgen platform with the medical technician in mind. Running proven and useful experiments relies on the ability to repeat actions multiple times and producing the same provable results.



Our UX/UI strategy focused on creating a platform where the grouping and documentation of experiments was paramount in our approach, making the immediate usability 100% intuitive. Not everyone in this space likes to work the same way, but with amount of customization features offered we created a much less rigid framework than most techs are used to.


Qgen Health Lab: a specialized app for healthcare, research, and pharmaceutical fields. It facilitates exploration and analysis of drugs, proteins, and pathways, emphasizing cancer-related diseases. Its user-friendly interface offers robust tools for drug screening, visualization, and effective analysis.

Qgen Pathways Qgen Pathways

Targeted Cancer

Qgen Health Lab platform is unique in its focus on targeted cancer therapies. For each treatment and the associated test results required the implementation of 3D visuals and informational overlays with pinpoint accuracy and exceptional visual clarity.

Targeted Cancer Treatments

Target Network

Selection of a drug or therapy by a medical provider is about understanding the evolving world or pharmaceuticals, technology, and advanced therapies. The data visualization tool below shows the relationship between drugs, therapies and cancer conditions. This allows research to dig deep in to these relationships while seeing the whole modern disease spectrum as a whole.

Cetuximab Icon

Monoclonal antibody that targets the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR)


Mediates cellular responses to growth signals by activating downstream pathways.

Targets network

Selected Path

Our 3-D visualization work and informational overlays work hand-in-hand to provide the most informationally rich and yet user-friendly environment possible for medical technicians.

Selected Path


The real-time ranking of drug effectiveness rates associated with cancer types is just the beginning of this revolutionary interface design.

FDA Approved Drugs icon
FDA Approved Drugs

Resources for current approved drugs, the date provide users with a foundational tool to begin their research.

FDA Approved Drugs

Drug Screening

Qgen Health Lab drug screen interface helps quickly show strong and weak interactions of all available drugs on the market.

Drug Screening
Drug Screening

Color Mode

High-contrast colors and iconography were developed to simplify the large amounts of data included in the interface UI design.

Color mode

Future Qgen

Chemistry, toxicology, and pharmacology all play a role in the interactive and data-rich design for the Qgen cancer research application.

Future Qgen generation

Designed by:

Art Direction

George Railean

Project management

Vladimir Bobu


Andrei Sava

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