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FuseLab Creative is the best User Experience Design Agency for your next project.

UX design is a core business principle at FuseLab Creative. We believe that with a focus on UX at every step in our development process, we are also focusing on business development, for us and our clients. Customer expectations are growing at an exponential rate, as companies known for simplicity in their UX lead the way.

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    About Us

    We believe at the heart of any successful campaign, application launch, or web design, is equal parts creative skill and mad science.

    Our UX team employs a lab environment, where we are constantly experimenting to stay ahead of trends and devise the most memorable strategies possible on behalf of our clients.

    Our Mission

    What makes a user experience memorable? If you were to ask anyone at FuseLab Creative what we do, we have one simple answer:

    Create memorable user experiences on behalf of our clients. Creating positive and enduring memories is our core mission.

    Our Vision

    We believe that your website should feel like an invigorating meeting place for your clients. They should feel understood and intrigued to find out more.

    Whether you are selling a product or service, or just trying to get noticed in a crowded marketplace, we are always looking for new ways to build strong relationships between our clients and those they serve.

    Benefits of UX Design

    Great UX Design may be one of the most effective competitive advantages you can employ on your website.

    Conversely, nothing will send your users looking elsewhere faster than a poorly devised user experience. Ultimately we want to create a positive symbiotic relationship between you and your users, an environment where both benefit from each other and thrive as a result.

    Improve Credibility

    Want your customers to come back to your site over and over? Show them you understand and respect them through a thoughtful and motivational UX.

    When users are engaged by their user experience, their opinion of you and your services or products immediately skyrockets.

    Decrease Bounce Rates

    Sometimes high bounce rates means your users are getting what they need and are quickly moving, which is a good sign. However, most of the time the opposite is more likely.

    If users are confused or frustrated by the lack of clarity or difficulty achieving their goals they will quickly move on. The #1 way to combat high bounce rates is creating an astounding UX!

    Better Reviews

    It’s been proven that when users have a positive experience they are less likely to commit to a positive review, but when they have a negative experience a large percentage ofusers will leave a negative review.

    The answer: create a terrific user experience (UX) and pave the way for the positive reviews to start rolling in.

    Improve User Satisfaction

    Who hasn’t come to the end of a long user registration form only to be informed upon submission that the system is down, it’s the worst!

    This is why our QA processes at FuseLab go way beyond the conventional to verify every single detail has been tested and reviewed for clarity and usability our reputation too.

    What We Can Do For You

    We create memorable experiences for our clients that incite action, motivate people to think, and create lasting change.

    UI/UX Design

    UX is the culmination of a long list of skill sets that come together to deliver the overall effectiveness of a digital experience. FuseLab was created to push UX forward and give our clients and their customers memorable user experiences that build loyalty and brand awareness.

    Marketing & Communications

    Effective marketing and communications work has the ability to create a mutually beneficial relationship, something that can be built upon for years to come.

    Graphic Design & Illustration

    The power of great design cannot be overstated when it comes to communicating on the web. In fact, if you ask us, design and copy are both equally important forms of language and need to be treated as such.

    Video Production

    Storytelling will always be an important part of “sticky” messaging, and it’s hard to come up with a better medium for effective messaging than video and video animation.

    Mobile & Web App Development

    One-click calling, clicking for directions or sharing a photo – the list goes on and on, and the expectation is a seamless experience meant to make life easier. Mobile is part of our lifeblood at FuseLab, it’s how we work and live every day.


    Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are both important services that we have recently added to our offering, and are already having a huge impact on how we construct and deliver powerful and memorable user experiences.

    Our UX Design Work

    Latest projects

    To say that we live in an “always on” world is an understatement, and every technology requires the thoughtful development of a User Experience strategy. This omni-channel world requires a full-service and veteran UX team like FuseLab Creative to deliver tangible conversion rates and sky rocketing customer satisfaction.


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